Another day, another do…yeah, whatever.

Its been an interesting week or two. Did I mention that I no longer work for the tech support gig? Short story shorter – I got an offer for a QA/QC job in the software/hardware field. Which I start on Monday. Pending the lab results.

What does that make today?

Why today is pee test day. Whee! In a few moments, I shall head out the door to give up my urine for a lab assistant to have a job. Or something like that.

I’m truly looking forward to squatting over a cup that Barbie would diss as a drinking vessel and peeing without hosing myself, the furniture and the floor down. And let’s not get into the whole invasion of privacy issue. I want a job, I need a job so I’m not gonna complain too loud.

At least, not right now. Or not in their hearing.

What are they looking for anyhow? I figure if I was able to show up for the interview and be coherent, knowlegable and friendly then they should take that as my general work mode and leave it at that.
If I show up for work drunk or whatever, yeah fine -fire me then. But otherwise, butt the fuck outta my personal space. Peeing in a cup so you can go over my chemical history is more than a little degrading.

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  1. Hey, at least you’ll be ABLE to pee towards the cup, theoretically. Try doing that while on anti-cholergenics. Meh. I bet I am the only person on earth to ever fail one due to inability to pee…

  2. I agree with your assessment of pee testing. If I have a problem severe enough to affect my work performance, then fire me on the basis of work performance. Otherwise, keep your hands off my body. It’s a great idea, but then you get into that whole “must work to eat” thing and principles fall by the wayside. 😦

  3. I had to do a pee test when I was just doing a project at a hospital. For 2 weeks. But because they issued me a badge so I could get in and out, I had to have the pee test, a TB test, and an infectious desease blood draw.

    With no warning.

    I was pissed.

    Piss on them!

  4. I dunno, they make me pee into the little cup every year at my annual exam, so I’ve gotten quite good at the aiming for the cup thing. However, I also do not agree with drug testing at jobs so long as I show up sober and functional.

  5. Congratulations on geting out of tech support, but I’m not sure which is more degrading – tech support or peeing in a cup. (Tech Support was rated as one of science’s worst jobs by Popular Science.)

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