update du jour

I don’t know what the Hell is going on or why but I’ve been literally beating the crap outta myself since Saturday night.

To date:
** twisted ankle — stepped off my shoe whilst dancing Saturday night
**bruised inner elbow — slammed against the edge of the bed
**multiple little bruises all over arms and legs from wrestling with J and C
**squashed my fingers in the door this morning at work
**bruised/scraped lower back — whacked it against the faucet getting out of the tub
**stiff and sore from sleeping, effectively on the floor (the air matress deflated sometime in the night)
**popped myself TWICE (so far) with a capacitor in the transponder box I’m testing this morning
**and, of course my head hurts like a stone bitch already

And I gotta say that the emotional stuff yesterday was pretty fubar as well. Someone on my friend’s list said “Astrologically, I’m pretty sure Saturn was anally violating Mercury in a sodomy aspect in the seventh house of FUCK YOU yesterday“, and you know – I gotta agree.

Last night was interesting in the Chinese-fortune-cookie-curse sort of way. Nobody was communicating and everything seemed to be heading towards this huge confrontation.

Last night was supposed to be a ‘date night’ for J and I. HE thought this meant simply “us” time . I thought it meant ‘date’. As it turned out – the everybody wound up at the house. To further complicate the issue, we have no cash for going out. This (at least in my head) meant that date night had turned to family night. J was still trying to make it work from an “us” time perspective. He wanted to go swimming, hot tubbing. I was SO not in the mood for that what with my ankle, arm and head all pounding. But instead of telling him that, I just assumed his psychic connection and let it go. Bad Mare, no biscuit. So yeah…talking is a good thing.
And like I said, the *whole* family was home. T was on the computer in the living room. C was in the back end of the house. He was *trying* to give us some alone time. Or so I assume that’s why he disappeared like that! At first, I was thinking he was mad at me/us for something but then I realized that he must either be incredibly tired or wanting some alone time of his own. (Poor guy, I felt rotten for him! I mean, he had banished himself to a fairly boring evening alone. On the other, he did get some much needed sleep.) And the Girl was – well a five year old kid. She was right there with us, watching TV, eating dinner, getting ready for bed, wanting to play, etc. etc.

It took some doing, a lot of talking and a quick walk around the complex before it all got itself sorted out.
Tuesday nights are now offcially J and I alone time nights. He said he’d gotten used to having me to himself for the last almost seven years. He is embracing the poly lifestyle but he wants Mare time to himself; I totally grok and agree. I like having just J and me time. We connect when we’re just being together, even if we aren’t being frisky. He’s my other 1/2 in so many ways; calm where I’m hyper, logical to my emotional (Spock to my Luxwanna? *laugh*), geek to my geek.

But enough of this fluffy-bunny crap.

In other news, I’m running a classic Marvel game on Thursday nights. So far, I’ve only ~just~ managed to not kill the PCs. I’ve got them in a very, very bad place. Its an alternate dimension where a 1000+ y/o vampire is the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. America (which is not actually America anymore) is divided up into the 7 kingdoms/dukedoms of vampire lords. Right now they are in the private hunting preserve of a really nasty sort of vampire. You know the type. One who has aspirations to move his station up in the world. And our player characters just might be the tools he’s looking for.
*insert evil laughter here*

Games to date:

Saturday – Marvel (every other weekend, Pablo runs)
Monday – Exalted (rotates, Rob runs)
Monday – Rifts (rotates, Chris runs)
Monday – Star Wars WEG (rotates, C runs)
Thursday – Marvel, classic (I run)
Sunday – Talislanta (rotates, J runs)
Sunday – Deadlands (rotates, abandoned though)

Somehow it seems like more … ah,well. I’m trying to find a 2nd ed DnD game to play in too. I have some great chars that I’ve not gotten to play in about 6 years. (*jonesjonesjones*)

In theory I get my hair colored tonight. Dark, dark brown with bubble-gum pink chunks. I am too excited! *squee*
I’ll post piccies for those that want ’em.

EDIT: She said let’s do black with the pink. Who’m I to argue? It looks REALLY cute!

36 thoughts on “update du jour

      1. Sure. I am off my feet until Monday for sure. I’ll probably skip the ice cream but the M*A*S*H is good. I’m available tomorrow night for sure, and Friday night.

      2. oooh….Friday night it will have to be. But I will cook. You’re not still vegging are ya? If not, then I can make my chicken korma OR garlic chicken soup.

      3. Over here is better — and I can pick you up if need be. John’s at school on Friday nights so I’m a sittin the Summerkins.

      4. Okay…I can crutch over. I’m able to drive since I have an automatic and my right ankle is functional. I’ll pop over around 6:30 or 7.

  1. Robert is gonna run a D and D Shadowrun game on Tuesday nights.

    You and J are so invited 😛

    Connon was already there 😛

    Understood if it gets in the way of your other game, and you can’t come, though I will be sad cas we likes you ~hugs~

    1. you know, I just read that again – yuou have Marvel on Thursday night,

      You soooo could be in our game on Tuesday night …heheheheh ~rubs hands together evilly~

      1. I have Marvel on Thursday night. And I _would_ come to the Tuesday night game but J wants alone/mare time. *sigh* AND he won’t play DnD, the rotten turkey.

      2. Alone time is important. I would not wanna impede on that at all.

        We always have bellydancing, and Sunday nights when yall start your new campaign, as well as Elysium nights when we can all get a sitter.


      3. I was gonna call ya about that tonight. Is Friday still good after 9? Your roomie was gonna check on whether it was good for her, last I remember 🙂

      4. Yeppers. I’ve another friend coming over this Friday for M*A*S*H and dinner. Bellydance after would be like a perfect cap to the day.

  2. And, now you have a babysitter for Tuesday nights, so, no worries. And I told J that you don’t have to pay me or anything. Just maybe $5 a week or dinner every couple of weeks or something.

      1. LOL. Sounds like a plan. No red snappers? *pouts* But I LOVE Red Snappers…and it wasn’t the Red Snapper that got me last time, it was the 7 blood shots and one vodka shot… 🙂

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