J and I went to see the final episode of Star Wars last night. I think my comment as I left the theatre last night sums it up:”WOW, nice one Lucas. I forgive you for the other two”. True, Portman and what-his-nut (Skywalker’s actor) have about as much chemistry as play-dough. And yeah, it dragged in places. But, I’d say overall it was very good. Best part of all? JarJar never *once* speaks.
Ok, that’s not the best part. But it is all I can say without filling my journal full of spoilers. Wouldn’t want to ruin the experience for the next person, donchya know.

And just what is it about Star Wars that turns most people into geeks? Witness this conversation I just had with J:

J: “I sense the FORCE is strong with you…”
Me: Wanna be my evil apprentice?
Me: and don’t you know that C would immediately say “yes” to that? *laugh*
J: yeah, a LOT
Me: as would you, apparently
J: “Yess, my MASTER…”
Me: heh – that’s mistress to you, sunny-jim
J: “Yesss my Mistress..!”

I’m in a pretty good in spite of the late hour getting out of the movie (it let out around 230 this morning). Tired as all get out though. I think there might be a nap in my future (after work) as I’ve got a bellydancing class to teach tonight.

There will be more updates later, my minions.

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