I blame Dan

A friend of mine posted something that got me, well…geeky.

Tell me what you think. I believe it mostly scans right.

See them walking hand in hand across the bridge at midnight
Claws clenching as the Ring’s calling out, its not right!
They fly right out of the Doom-like Crack
With an evil Master on their back, on their back
And they sense the ‘Bearer running as a frenzy all the way down their spine

Wraiths on wings! Wraiths on Wings!
Wraiths on Wings! Wraiths on wings!

Icor staining all over the robes as they’re falling
Through miles of dark night sky coming up as they dive
After Hobbitteses running ‘cross the moor
cause the Wraiths all love killing men by the score
And I wonder how I ever got here as they pass over again

Wraiths on wings! (two minutes later) Wraiths on Wings!
Wraiths on Wings! (got your jewelry) Wraiths on wings!

Larger evil looking for Frodo, he’s gazing
Fiery Eyeball with heat twisting out in a beam
Take one last glimpse into the night
I’m touching close, I’m biting tight
Give me shudders in a whimper, as I burn like I’m a shooting star!

wraiths on Wings! (they’re more than a story!) Wraiths on Wings!
wraiths on Wings! (see them flying),wraiths on Wings!
wraiths on Wings! (Eyeball’s exploding!) wraiths on Wings!
wraiths on Wings! (See ya later!) wraiths on Wings!
wraiths on Wings! (now they’re burning), wraiths on Wings!


Bellydance class is cancelled for tonight. I *have* to move the furniture around and do some cleaning. You are all welcome and invited to come over. Doing so will grant you access to these fabulous options.

You may choose any single or combination of the fabulous options:

a. Help move furniture
b. Eat yummy food
c. Drink yummy things
d. Drink yummy things that are alcoholic
e. Be moral support

Today’s update brought to you by the letter Z and the number 0

So much to do, not nearly enough time. But better that than the alternative, I think. I truly despise being bored.

Usual Weekly schedule

Monday night = rotating game (Exalted, Rifts and Star Wars)
Tuesday night – date night w/J (which for our finances right now means CoH together. I love being a gamer geek married to a gamer geek,dating a gamer geek!)
Wednesday night – free night/date night w/C (see above about finances and geeks)
Thursday night – rotating game between my Marvel campaign and Dagan’s Star Wars one
Friday night – bellydance class
Saturday (day) – usually a Marvel game
Saturday (eve) – Elysium’s
Sunday (day) – rotating game, right now its Talislanta
Sunday (eve) – get ready for the week

And this is just the high level view. It doesn’t include the admin stuff (like housecleaning, etc), The ‘kins stuff or random errands.


I need to find time to go swimming. At night. In the dark. With clouds obscuring the moon. But still….swimming…*sigh*
I love the water. The Girl is just like me in that regard. She loves to swim and swim and (if you let her) swim some more.

So C is sick. Poor guy. when I left this morning he was sitting on the couch, feverish and loopy. I have my doubts as to whether R&E(*) will let him near their kids with a fever. But maybe he’ll feel better later.
A is still coming over to watch the ‘kins tho. I think they may go swimming. Not sure if she’s still gonna head over to R&E’s for their game after. *shrug*


Dear lords the testing I’m doing today is dull. And whose bright idea was it to use Brahm’s Lullabye as the sound file for this test? *snore, doze* Huh? Wuzzat?
Much more appropriate – and not incidentally, more wakeful – would be some nice Skinny Puppy. Siouxsie? Addam Ant? SOMEthing. ANYthing. I work in Austin — so its not even that far-fetched an idea. It would certainly thoroughly test the audio capabilities of the damn software.


It feels like my eyeballs are attached to helium balloons. Every now and again, one or both of them will roll up and I will have to struggle not to go immediately to sleep.

I swear to Rudy that I went to bed (more or less) on time last night. Nappy time today, you betcha. Get home, curl up with a blankie and a cat and sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.


I was sitting here and I realized that most, if not all, of my CoH chars have the same sort of name you would find in an Exalted game. For example, my magic Blaster, Ashen Beauty. Or my ice Scrapper Frozen Dawn. The only exception to this is my fire Blaster, Leather-Daddy.

I think I may do a dark Defender and call her Fly by Night (who is one of my Exalted chars).

* – makes them sound like a railroad, doesn’t it?

Cripes, its been a long day. Non-productive for the most part but very long. And I should stay for the extra 1.5 hours that I missed yesterday. Not gonna, though. I’ve got too much to do before we leave town. Like sleep. ’cause I guarantee you there’s going to be precious little of that at a-kon.
And maybe do something about the pit that is masquerading as my house.

Things to do:
Make arrangements for kitty care for the weekend
Wash clothes
Actually fold and put away clean clothes
Sanitize the bathroom
Vacuum the Pit o’Doom
How does spaghetti sound for dinner, everyone?
Cash paycheck (everyone now, “it came! it came!”)
Make a date with Sheila for a haircut
Find a dentist for the Girl that’s in network
Get insurance for myself
Pay rent (or at least my portion of it)
Ick…kitty litter needs doing
Something needs to be done about the cords on the floor in the office before one of us kills ourself on them
CoH frenzy
Book our flight to Vegas for Halloween/wedding party
Book our room in Vegas for same
Check tents to make sure they are suitable for camping
Buy sleeping bag and new airmattress(es?)
Zen Summer’s room and clothes
Zen my clothes (again!)
Did I mention CoH?
Thank the BF for hosing the kitchen down
Make sure hubs has food for school tonight

…there’s more but that’s all my brain is coming up with right now.

here i come to save the day!

Oh My Gawd, I’m an addict!

I knew before I even started that it might be a bad idea. I’d even seen what it could do to others, the havoc it could wreak. I knew it and yet I picked it up anyway.

MMORPG…CoH…I’m doomed.

(If you actually get that reference, then you’re as sick as I am.)

I started playing City of Heroes last night. (Yeah, I know I’m behind the curve. Bite me.) Dear gods, nothing should be as fun as that game. The only other thing that is as fully engaging as CoH is…err…dancing! Yeah, that’s it. Dancing. (Which is ironically enough *also* something I did last night; man are my thighs sore!)

At any rate, I played CoH until I could barely stay awake. And now, I want to play some more! (insert whatever evil, manical laughter makes you happy here)
I must keel bad guys!
I must save people from thugs!
I must save the city!
I must pose dramatically!
I must continue to talk in a bad accent!

*blink, blink*

So at any rate, if you are also an addict and you are on the Victory server – look around for Sri Lanka. That’s me. The kawai scrapper with an attitude and robotic arms.