Cripes, its been a long day. Non-productive for the most part but very long. And I should stay for the extra 1.5 hours that I missed yesterday. Not gonna, though. I’ve got too much to do before we leave town. Like sleep. ’cause I guarantee you there’s going to be precious little of that at a-kon.
And maybe do something about the pit that is masquerading as my house.

Things to do:
Make arrangements for kitty care for the weekend
Wash clothes
Actually fold and put away clean clothes
Sanitize the bathroom
Vacuum the Pit o’Doom
How does spaghetti sound for dinner, everyone?
Cash paycheck (everyone now, “it came! it came!”)
Make a date with Sheila for a haircut
Find a dentist for the Girl that’s in network
Get insurance for myself
Pay rent (or at least my portion of it)
Ick…kitty litter needs doing
Something needs to be done about the cords on the floor in the office before one of us kills ourself on them
CoH frenzy
Book our flight to Vegas for Halloween/wedding party
Book our room in Vegas for same
Check tents to make sure they are suitable for camping
Buy sleeping bag and new airmattress(es?)
Zen Summer’s room and clothes
Zen my clothes (again!)
Did I mention CoH?
Thank the BF for hosing the kitchen down
Make sure hubs has food for school tonight

…there’s more but that’s all my brain is coming up with right now.

7 thoughts on “

  1. MMMMM….sghetti. 😀
    If you can’t find someone nearby to watch the cats, I can probly do it. Me and Erica are supposed to hang out sometime this weekend anyway, so I’ll probly be up there…

  2. Tell me how often to feed and water the amminals and I shall do so. I don’t do litter.

    I can buy us a cord cozy from Container Store, if that will help. If it won’t…clueless.

    Spaghetti sounds wonderful for lunch tomorrow. I have poly dinner tonight.

    I am holding the vacuum hostage. I’ll be happy to vacuum when I get home, if you like. Nasty squishy thing carcasses must go.

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