Today’s update brought to you by the letter Z and the number 0

So much to do, not nearly enough time. But better that than the alternative, I think. I truly despise being bored.

Usual Weekly schedule

Monday night = rotating game (Exalted, Rifts and Star Wars)
Tuesday night – date night w/J (which for our finances right now means CoH together. I love being a gamer geek married to a gamer geek,dating a gamer geek!)
Wednesday night – free night/date night w/C (see above about finances and geeks)
Thursday night – rotating game between my Marvel campaign and Dagan’s Star Wars one
Friday night – bellydance class
Saturday (day) – usually a Marvel game
Saturday (eve) – Elysium’s
Sunday (day) – rotating game, right now its Talislanta
Sunday (eve) – get ready for the week

And this is just the high level view. It doesn’t include the admin stuff (like housecleaning, etc), The ‘kins stuff or random errands.


I need to find time to go swimming. At night. In the dark. With clouds obscuring the moon. But still….swimming…*sigh*
I love the water. The Girl is just like me in that regard. She loves to swim and swim and (if you let her) swim some more.

So C is sick. Poor guy. when I left this morning he was sitting on the couch, feverish and loopy. I have my doubts as to whether R&E(*) will let him near their kids with a fever. But maybe he’ll feel better later.
A is still coming over to watch the ‘kins tho. I think they may go swimming. Not sure if she’s still gonna head over to R&E’s for their game after. *shrug*


Dear lords the testing I’m doing today is dull. And whose bright idea was it to use Brahm’s Lullabye as the sound file for this test? *snore, doze* Huh? Wuzzat?
Much more appropriate – and not incidentally, more wakeful – would be some nice Skinny Puppy. Siouxsie? Addam Ant? SOMEthing. ANYthing. I work in Austin — so its not even that far-fetched an idea. It would certainly thoroughly test the audio capabilities of the damn software.


It feels like my eyeballs are attached to helium balloons. Every now and again, one or both of them will roll up and I will have to struggle not to go immediately to sleep.

I swear to Rudy that I went to bed (more or less) on time last night. Nappy time today, you betcha. Get home, curl up with a blankie and a cat and sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.


I was sitting here and I realized that most, if not all, of my CoH chars have the same sort of name you would find in an Exalted game. For example, my magic Blaster, Ashen Beauty. Or my ice Scrapper Frozen Dawn. The only exception to this is my fire Blaster, Leather-Daddy.

I think I may do a dark Defender and call her Fly by Night (who is one of my Exalted chars).

* – makes them sound like a railroad, doesn’t it?

15 thoughts on “Today’s update brought to you by the letter Z and the number 0

  1. Look at it this way: when you stop by the house to check on the critters, one of them is bound to amuse you in some way. Misha likes to molest feet.

  2. Once I have braids (which should happen Saturday)I mean to do lots of swimming, and would happily night-swim with you.

    And at some point I’d like to go with to Elysium. I just keep having busy Saturday nights.

  3. I’ve been thinking about getting back in to CoH.. but the time requirements.. :/

    Still, I miss the Iron Yuppie, the Accountant of Steel, The Feducator, Auditatrix, and the rest of the Class Action Suits.

  4. Calel sez…

    -Yes, our schedule is VARY busy, and that’s just the big stuff. Don’t sweat the small stuff honey, it’ll fall into place soon enough. “C” is feeling better already, he just needed about 16 hours of sleep…

    -Oohhh, night swimming, of course I’ll volunteer to accompany you..!!! ;D

    -Tell you what, how about you nap after your massage, I’ll work out, “A” will watch “S”. Then, you and I will snuggle in w/some VanHelsing after “C” whips out some din-din, and then goes to his game with “A”. “S” will be sleeping about then, and we’ll have the apt relatively to ourselves…
    (Big Evil Grin by “J” who feels like we’re the MiB)

    1. Re: Calel sez…

      I’m cooking.
      I’m making my justifiably far and wide admired garlic chicken soup. Known to kill all nasty cold bugs and be right tasty.

      heh,…speaking of Hellsing…check the icon

      1. Re: Calel sez…

        -Yeah, nice addition there, but do I have to wait until Helsing to call you that..? (WINK)

  5. 😀

    Yup, me and “S” are gonna go swimming. I just have to pick up my stuff from the house (late night…I’ll tell you about it later).
    Then, once she is in blissful slumber, I’m gonna go to “D”‘s (again…tell ya later) and probly stay there’s gonna be a LONG drive to work tomorrow.

    Tee Hee. MiB!! 😀

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