I shouldn’t encourage them, I really shouldn’t.

But, sometimes its just *funny*. I couldn’t tell at first if this guy was just a movie buff or a real whackjob. I leave it to you, Gentle Reader, to make that call.
(His name has been changed to protect him, the poor sap)

Ghostbuster_Vinz: I am Vinz Clortho. Keymaster of Gozer, Volguus Zildrohar, Lord of the Sebouillia. Are you the Gatekeeper?
Mare: on occasion
Ghostbuster_Vinz: (you understand my reference?)
Me: yes I do, its a fairly famous movie

Ghostbuster_Vinz Well i just wondered if you found anything in the possession scenes, characters or themes, erotic or sexual at all?


Ghostbuster_Vinz so what about their transformation back into terror dogs? although not blatantly sexual did it hold any eroticism for you?

boggle…Surely to god he was kidding!

Ghostbuster_Vinz: We should really get us two together
Me: “I think that would be a very bad idea”
Ghostbuster_Vinz: wow, it is very fresh in your memory isnt it!!!
Ghostbuster_Vinz: so do you find the actions and behaviour of the gatekeeper in her human host erotic?

Errr….thanks for playing, drive through please. You are indeed an odd guy. Not as strange perhaps, as Tim the Vampire or the time travelling folks in search of red/blue crystals. But odd enough.

14 thoughts on “I shouldn’t encourage them, I really shouldn’t.

  1. Not much could be as strange as the timetravellers looking for crystals…or the Lizard people looking for a coven…

    Hurrah for the net, where I get to meet people who make me seem refreshingly mundane.

  2. My call: Movie buff with extremely impaired social skills. I mean, come on–Sigourney Weaver’s actions while possessed were obviously meant to seem sexual, but you’d have to be seriously inexperienced with le monde d’erotique to find them an actual turn-on.

    I always have a problem labelling anybody a “whackjob,” because by some standards I’M a whackjob (and how, according to certain people’s character assessments), and 95% of the time I don’t have a damn idea what they’re seeing that gives them that impression.

    (And the other 5% is stuff I already know full well is disturbing by conventional standards but I couldn’t care less.)

    1. you’d have to be seriously inexperienced with le monde d’erotique to find them an actual turn-on.

      To most gentlemen, and indeed some ladies, d’un certain age, the sight of Sigourney Weaver simply sitting reading a newspaper is a turn-on. Anything further is a welcome bonus.

    1. Tim the Vampire contacted me a couple of years ago. I think I’ve got a post about it somewhere.
      At any rate — wait…you mean he’s still around?

      Mawster Tim? I take the Darknes [sic] finally consumed him?

  3. stuff

    Making head hurt…must go lie down.

    Clearly there are OTHER reasons for this kind of interaction.



    “He could be twelve?”

    Sorry. I was wrong. No REASON in there at all…


  4. Gatekeeper

    Well, there’s no harm in the insane if you don’t drink after them. Admit it; you don’t like people unless they’re a little ish in the kabibble. I think the proper response might have been: “Yes. I find possession highly stimulating. That is why I channel the spirit of Abraham Lincoln than masturbate with a frozen sausage.”

    Per terror dogs: “I like terror dogs. In fact, I have two. I give them cow blood to drink and starve them for five days on end. Yes, they like to chew on people, but that makes me feel safe. But back to erotic…ever video tape spaghetti left out for week, then play it back? Gives me the chills just thinking about the slow motion of the mold…now THAT’S erotic!”

    As for: “We should really get us two together.”
    Correct response: “It’s already a little crowded in there.”

    By the way, Bon-Bon…you can turn off the neon sign on your forehead that says, “All Freaks welcome!”

    Luv ya,

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