Hello all you lovely people. Miss me? I’ve sure missed you!

I could do a huge (and it would be HUGE) update on the life to date but instead I’m just gonna open the floor to questions. If you really, really want to know something – just ask. I am currently working nights so it will be fairly simple for me to update more often. 🙂
You lucky people you!

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    1. Condensed for your viewing pleasure – and now with EXTRA LARGE PRINT!


      1. Looked for housing
      2. Decided to add best friend to mix of roomies
      3. torrid love affair(*)
      4. Got a new job at a Game Company
      5. Training for new job.
      6. I rock at new job.
      7. I also work from 5PM to 2AM
      8. Saw movie
      9. Did not, in fact get to go to NiN with other hawt girlfriends

      (*) Reader’s Digest always edits the good parts out

  1. Where did all the unicorns go? I asked them to wait out back, but the next morning, they were gone with my car. Please tell me if you know. I really miss my car.


  2. I’ve been trying to reach you on various messenger services, but every time I’ve seen you on-line, you’ve never replied to any of the messages I’ve sent.

    Is it because of me and something I’ve said or done, or have you just not been able to respond at the particular times I’ve tried?

    Second question: Are you pregnant?
    Third question: Y’all found a house, didn’t you? 🙂

    Fourth Question: …. There is no fourth question, my typing fingers just assumed there would be and jumped the gun without actually checking with me first. ;-). *grin*

    1. Weird. Cause I’m on, like all the time.

      No of course not. I’ve got corset piccies to take and give you, silly man. 🙂

      I am in fact, not pregnant. Nor am I pregnate. 🙂

      Nope. You will be the third to know (after the roomies and the kidlet).


  3. your mood is listed as “amused”.
    i was wondering if there was anything in particular that amused you enough to choose that, or if it was just a random choice and if so why.

  4. stuff

    Note: Asked the question…

    Note: Got a few responses…

    Note: Hasn’t answered ANY of them…

    Note to self: Do not annoy the evil tease…



  5. Woman goes into local Gaming company, never to be see again

    Damn, I’ve missed you! I’m beginning to believe you live in our collective imaginations, like Unicorns and Leprechauns. I walked into a circle of Toadstools at midnight on a full moon, and I didn’t find you there. I crushed hibiscus flowers by a clear well at noontime, and still you didn’t appear. So, let’s play Sphinx without the riddles:

    1) How are you?
    2) How’s everyone in your posse)
    3) What are your current hours/days off? Do they change or will they?
    4) Will you be in town for the Holidays?
    5) Are you liking the job?
    6) Do you like working nights?
    7) When can we plan a social gathering?

    Much love, and write me soon!

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