I hate allergy season in Austin.

*sneeze* *eye-itchiness* *cough.SNORK.cough* *….nooooooooot…quite…a…snee….dammit!*

Yeah, that’s been my day.

On the plus side, I think I am doing very well at my new job. At least, they seem to be giving me more responsibility. Further, they don’t seem to mind — and in fact, encourage me — to act as a resource for the other folks in my department. Which pleases me to no end. I get the feeling that if I work hard and apply myself, I could be offered a chance to move up in the company. So, you know..huzzah!

We had a talk – the Boyz and I – about living situations. It wasn’t terribly fun but I felt it was necessary. I am just so uncomfortable with the whole nebulous feeling of not knowing where we are going to be in a couple of months. It bugs me; I want there to be a plan of some sort, if not for my sake then for the Girl. I want it to be as smooth as possible for her — she doesn’t need huge hiccups in her stability.
At any rate, we nailed down some alternatives. Of course, all this is contingent upon the house selling. If it doesn’t, then we shall be moving back there. 😦 Not, NOT happy about that. But, we’ve got a realtor – a real one, Keller Williams – and we have *fired* that twat who so totally mis-represented herself to us.
Just as an aside – if any of you, Gentle Readers, need to sell or buy a house, make sure that you are working with a real realtor. The one we worked with to sell our house wasn’t and its ended up costing an additional metric ton of money. This could have *all* been avoided if we had done some research and gone with a person with a realtor’s license. *sigh*
She (the twat, mentioned above) pinged our renter’s credit *32* times in an effort to get them financed. Of course, this lowered their credit score/rating. Drastically. We had no idea about this until they moved suddenly at the end of November. Or at least it was sudden to us. The non-realtor lady apparently had their notice 45 days prior to their moving out — and didn’t tell us until it was almost December. So of course, we had to come up with January’s mortgage AND rent. How’s that for a fuckarow?

ahh…but I digress….

So we’re listed with a good realtor now. Paperwork is complete and he says he has high hopes for our house. We only want to break even on the darn thing. We know we are never going to see a dime of anything and honestly at this point, we just don’t care. We have learned our lesson(s). Real reputable realtors and build what we really want when we are ready to own again.

Allergies aside, I am in a fabulous mood. My house is fairly clean AND picked up. My shoulder is finally starting to heal. I’ve got some really cool stuff to look forward to this weekend. Tomorrow’s plans include playing with the Girlie – possibly tickling her until she pukes :0), hanging out with some of my favorite people, drinking champagne with J, gaming, calling the folks in DFW (*mental note* MUST find out where Bro and SIL have their baby registry), laundry and finishing up the 5th in the Gunslinger/Tower series by S. King. Monday’s plans include some apartment/condo/townhouse searching, petting T’s kitties while she is out of town and turning in my insurance paperwork at my job.

Did I mention? I am a *permanent* employee with like, benefits and such! w00t, sez I. After so many years of contract work, it’s a little odd but I must say, I am enjoying it. I guess it all depends on liking the company you work for. And brother, do I like my work!

so for now…I think I’ll play some CoH and drink some hot lemon tea and just generally veg out. If you are a night owl like me and see me online, feel free to ping me.

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  1. Glad thangs are going well, sugar!
    And thanks for the additional cat love – we all appreciate it! Let me know when you see them and what happens, ’cause the more I hear about them and how they’re doing, the less I’ll worry. I’ll be checking email most every day.

  2. {snerk} I don’t remember that there was a ~non~ allergy season in Austin! But then, I’m allergic to damn near everything airborne so maybe for other folks there is. Glad the job is going well, and best wishes on getting the house sold!

  3. the talk was necessary and now it’s out of the way.

    I’m not a fan of allergies either; I get them seasonally; and some food ones too.

    congrats on being a permanent employee!! benefits are .. well beneficial!

  4. Call me out of the loop, but a few questions…

    Where the heck did this house come from that you’re selling?

    Why wasn’t MY game mentioned in your Monday plans?

    Two trains are going 68.2KPH. Train A is coming from L.A. and train B is coming from New York. Which train will make it to Pokatello Idaho first, and why?

  5. “J” sez…

    -Pity we never did get to the champagne, or even to go out for that matter, as I’m sure you would have loved to go see “Bloodrayne”. But hey, I can keep hoping someday there will be time and avaliability, right..?

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