I have gotten so bad at updating this darn thing. Sometimes, I am tempted to just chuck it and give it up entirely. But I eventually find myself back here, jotting down my little notes, greeting new and old friends.


Things are going well. Part of me is wincing and waiting for the shoe to drop as I say that. But, I just am about done with being negative all the time. I can’t stand it in other people; why do I put up with it in myself?

I have my sweeties, my family. J, the Girl and C. I am blessed and blessed. Plus, two warm, only slighty feisty kitties. I generally wake up with at least part of the family heaped around me on Sunday mornings. I’m looking forward to it. Kitties and J and C kissing me goodbye on his way to work and the Girl bouncing on the bed and Macha looking alarmed and Grumpicus looking pissed. That’s how I know it’s my day off. The hullabaloo and love.

We’re moving in Feb. Its a giant house. Room for everyone and their projects! Plus, the owner is a friend so credit check is a done deal. The bad part is that its in Leander. But for 2200 square feet, I think I can suck it up. You know?

My weight has been pretty stable for the past few months. For those of you keeping score, its been a 120# loss.

I’m pondering some plastic surgery. Breast reduction, for one – with the smaller me, they are really uncomfortable now. There’s a surgeon in Houston that does work on post WLS patients. Plus, he takes my insurance. Plusses all around!
I’d like to see about standing on a beach in a bikini next year. Wouldn’t that be a fabulous thing?

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  1. But lo – I have snagged the bouncy Summer all for myself this morn! Mwahahaha!
    Though at the moment she is sacked out like sleepy potatoes on the futon couch, in a ball under the Tigger blanket.

    1. Yesh, I know allllll about your nefarious plans.

      She and I did some Mommy time today. I got the Mommy-song, full three choruses while I was shampooing her hair.

      She’s all snugged up in her bed, pink nightlight casting a Pepto-colored glow across her little face. If cute could be bottled, she’d make a mint.

      1. No, I don’t have anything new. Time hath wrought a loss of 187 pounds, but you know…I’m still 211 pounds. Man, if that scale ever dips below 200, I’ll prolly shit m’self. *nod*

    1. Fabulous! We should be there for at least 3 years if all goes according to plan. Possibly longer. John is giving me the “NO MORE MOVING” speech at least twice a day.

      The kiddos were great the other night. As I wound up with having to actually serve jury duty during the day (my normal sleepy hours) I stayed home from work on Friday night. After my nap (til about 830/9ish) I popped out. The boys were very good as was Maddi. We played Uno, watched Lava Girl and Shark Boy and in general, decimated the house.

      Mads had one small accident in the night but it was easily taken care of. They are all most welcome to come over any time. Summer really enjoys and has declared them “her brothers and sister”.

      Tell your sweet wife that I say “hello” and that I am thinking warm, healing thoughts for her.

  2. Wow! You look awesome!! 🙂

    I understand about the plastic surgery thing. After losing 130#, I looked rather…deflated… Glad I got that taken care of.

    Do your research on your surgeons. It’s good that you’ve found one who takes insurance — that’s rare. But look into what your insurance covers. For a reduction, there has to be a minimum amount of fat tissue removed — and it ain’t so minimum.

    1. Heh, I shall. If the nice surgeon wants to reduce me to a bcup, who am i to complain? *g*

      I’m thinking of LoManoco (sp?) in Houston. He posts on the PS WLS forums (the one hosted by obesityhelp.com). He seems 1.) competent – at least judging by folks reactions to him and his pictures on the website. 2.) caring — he knows about our special needs and is works with that.
      Waaaaaaaay important.
      who was *your* surgeon, if you don’t mind me asking.

      1. Dr. James Doyle. He comes highly recommended from the dancer community up here. I knew a bellydancer at the time I was looking for a good surgeon, and got to see his work first-hand.

        He’s definitely “old school”. There is nothing politically correct about this man. But he genuinely cares about his patients and knows his stuff. 🙂

    1. KITTY!!!!

      🙂 So for Christmas, I got a Pirate Hello Kitty pillowcase. It says “Let’s Hook Up” and of course, BunBun and HK are holding – you guessed it – hooks. Its to _die_ for. I totally thought of you when I saw it.

  3. Nice photo – you look terrific!

    My parents-in-law live in Leander, and we fell in love with a house up there last year when it looked like we’d be moving back on short notice. With all the improvements on 183, it’s not so bad.

    1. Aww, thanks!

      *nod* Its not bad. honestly, i don’t mind living there. (looks on silver lining) with the cops being so ..ahem…eager, the crime rate is pretty low. 🙂

  4. I’m considering plastics as well, tummy tuck and boob lift. I need to find a gastric doc here in Charlotte since I moved here; and then maybe they can recommend a plastic surgeon that would do it as reconstructive and not cosmetic.

    you look great !

    1. Yep. I’m looking at my Mom and maternal Grandmother. We all three have this very delicate (beautiful to look at but easily damaged) skin. Kiddos and weight gain/loss later, I’ve some very unhappy places.

      Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve actually had pretty good results with my skin rebounding and firming back up in places. However, there are a couple of things that could use some tightening.

      I’m just vain enough to want to dance without whapping myself in the head with batwings, *g*

      As I was saying up thread, I’d like a surgeon that knows about our special needs and is competent.

      You? You are always beautiful.

      1. No ALWAYS beautiful, you should see me this past week with the flu. OY. *grin* but thank you for thinking so.

        I heal great, scar wise – you can barely see them on me, but after two kids and the weight loss my elasticity in my abdomen is shot. And of course breastfeeding and weight loss has made my boobs non-existant. Those are the areas I want to fix.

        I’m vain, most people are if they’d admit it, at least to some degree. Just like most people are “shallow” if they admit it – and I chalk that up to just having preferences, not being shallow.

        I’m hoping the gastric doc here (if I can get in to see him) will know who I can go to for plastics.

  5. Well, I’m glad you’re as happy as you are. It’s a bright point in every week when I get a chance to sneak in and be part of the family for game night.

    Regarding the plastic surgery.

    First off, put a lot of thought into it, but you already knew that. Second off, put a lot more thought into it. Surgery is a scary thing, as you know, and you don’t need to have issues from a botched one for the rest of your life. It already sounds to me like the stomach surgery could have been done better.

    Talk to your S.O.s regarding breast reduction before-hand. They care about your health and happiness, and will understand what’s up, but it’s important to communicate about that kind of thing ahead of time. Us men like the boobies, and we may get highly depressed at the loss of our larger play-things. Don’cha know.

    Also, before you get surgery, look at some of the other options out there. Maybe working out with John would help things a bit. Besides, the more muscle mass you have, the more power your “HUT”s will have.

    Oh, and remember that we all love you, even when your dice aren’t rolling well.

    In short…


    1. Thanks doll, I will. I know they worry. Its like having two giant worryish Grandmothers about. Its kinda cute but sometimes overwhelming. (*)

      As far as the reduction goes – they’re pretty much of the opinion of whatever helps me to be happy. I *was* going to have it all at once but sanity prevailed.

      “Hut!”, indeed 🙂
      But I will be working out. In order to be really ready for the reduction I will need to be in much better physical shape.

      * “that’s not a moon, its an S.O.!”
      or if you prefer, “he’s coming right for us!”

      1. Well, consider me a third worryish grandmother, part time anyways.

        Eat your vegetables.
        Careful with the boob job.
        You need to take better care of yourself.
        Clean your plate.
        And quit sticking your tongue out at me young lady!

      1. This is the horrifying result of a freak accident that involved a blender, a time machine, an asparagus tree, and a bengal tiger. I’m glad you like it, though.


    1. Re: Do what now?

      Old house? — Yeah, the WaterWell Place

      Apartment? — where we now live

      New House? — Friend’s house in Leander

      Different city? — Yep, Leander

      What’s a Leander? — a different city! 😉

      …why do I feel like David Bowie suddenly? (breaks into song)
      “who’s got the babe
      what babe
      the babe with the house
      what house
      the one in Leader
      Leander’s got the babe!”

      gawdammit, where’s the recap episode?!?

      well, if you’n yer woman would come come over and have dinner — maybe some hand crafted lasagne or a pot roast or some such — we could have the recap and give you yer Xmas Gifties. The which I’ve been jonesing to do for AGES now!


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