while i wait for this dowload….

Relationship Status] – deeply in love with the two men in my live, C and J
[Parents still together] – Yep, over 30 years now
[Siblings] – 1 brother and one daughter being raised as my sister
[Pets] – Macha and Sir Grumpicus

[Colour] – Orange. I love that deep, sexual energy it has
[Number] – 13
[Animal] – Horses is at the top of the list; but I am a total fuzzy creature nut.
[Book] – Steven King is one of my fave authors although George RR is starting to edge him out.
[Flower] – geraniums, the little purple flowers that sage gets, daisies and roses

[Twirl your hair?] – no, but I willingly fluff the Boyz belly fuzzies. *deep sigh o’contentment*
[Have tattoos?] – 5; ask me nice and I will show them
[Cheat on tests?] – nope
[Like roller coasters?] – when I was a young girl, yes.
[Wish you could live somewhere else?] – oh my, yes
[Like cleaning?] – not the act of no, not usually. a clean domicile is something i like though
[Write in cursive or print?] – dyslexic chicken scratch. only doctors & pharmacists can read it
[Know how to drive?] – yesh = i used to drive taxis
[Own a cell phone?] – as of recently
[Ever get off the internet?] – have to. The Girl waits on no ISP

[Been in a fist fight?] – yep, in my younger and more violent days
[Considered a life of crime?] – I did want to be a superspy when i was a kid…does that count?
[Considered being a hooker?] – not really
[Been in love?] – very much so
[Made out with JUST a friend?] – yep
[Been in lust?] – heheheh…take off the “been” and add “currently”
[Kicked someone in the nuts?] – yes

[Current clothes] – pj’s
[Current hair] – short black mess
[Current thing I ought to be doing] – packing
[Current CD in stereo] – Utah Saints
[Last movie you saw] – errr…anime, I think
[Last thing you ate] – leftover steak from lunch yesterday
[Believe there is life on other planets?] – definitely
[Read the newspaper?] – Only as I use to wrap dishes in
[Hate yourself?] – Ino, i’ve some self esteem problems but hate? no.
[Collect anything?] – only vicariously through the Girl…barbies, stuffed animals, etc.
[Like your handwriting?] – eh, its ok.

[First crush]- the only one that leaps strongly to mind is the first goth guy I ever met – in high school
[You believe in love at first sight?] – Yes.
[You believe in “the one?”]- No, the Matrix is make-believe
[belive in Lust at first sight?]- Oh, yes.
[Are you a tease?] – define ‘tease’ — do i torment guys for fun? sometimes. do i do it to maintain power over them? no. that sort of behavior makes my left eye twitch .
[Too shy to make the first move] – Often. But less so nowadays

[Daydreamer] – of course
[Sarcastic] – Can be
[Shy] – did we not just answer this?
[Talkative] – can be – depends on my mood

[Pierce your nose or lip?] – neither, thanks
[Be serious or funny?] – both should be an option

[Simple or complicated?] – i’d like to think of myself as a deep, complex highway of thought and emotions…with a simple entrance ramp

[What time is it] – 2.29 AM
[Name] – [redacted]
[Nickname(s)] – [redacted]

[Where do you want to live] – someplace that doesn’t cause me or my loved ones the need for anti-histamines
[How many kids do you want] – no more than the one i have
[What kind of job do you want] – writing
[Do you want to get married] – done!

[Nervous Habits] – I routinely jiggle my leg when I am nervous.
[Are you double jointed] – ish
[Can you roll your tongue] – yes
[Can you raise one eyebrow] – Spock would be proud
[Can you cross your eyes] – yes but usually am not inspired to do so
[Do you make your bed daily] – only in the sense that I made it to the bedroom and laid down on it

[Slept in your bed] – J is in there now
[Saw you cry] – C, I think
[Made you cry] – my own stupid self
[Saw a movie with you] – C and J and Summerkins

[Said ‘I love you’ to you] – J and C
[You hugged] – J
[You kissed] – J

[Been to California] – nope
[Been to Canada] – nope
[Been to Europe] – nope
[Wished you were the opposite sex] every now and again, I wish I could see how the other half lives.


Well, looks like I am never getting my triplemare yahoo account back. Whatever happened – or whoever, I guess I should say — they’ve totally hijacked the account. All the details that I would use to retrieve my account – ZIP code, personal question, etc. – have been changed.


So goodbye triplemare. It was a good 9+ years.

In related news, I am now looking to create a new (probably Yahoo, although I am bit leary of them right now) email account.

If you want me to add your name to my address book lemme know. Also, if you want me to add you to my IM list, let me know.

You can email me privately or post here – either way. 😀

For those of you who use my Yahoo IM/mail/whatever to keep track and/or chat with me

Yeah, Yahoo is borked and they aren’t saying why. I’ve contacted them – and I am getting silence for a response. I’ve not been able to check my mail in a few days, nor have I been able to login to IM.

I don’t know what is going on. When I attempt to login, it tells me my password is incorrect. I go to change it and it tells me that my information is invalid. I don’t know what is going on but I do know that I am getting highly irritated.


Miss ya’ll

((the icon is for those FINE folks at Yahoo CS))