while i wait for this dowload….

Relationship Status] – deeply in love with the two men in my live, C and J
[Parents still together] – Yep, over 30 years now
[Siblings] – 1 brother and one daughter being raised as my sister
[Pets] – Macha and Sir Grumpicus

[Colour] – Orange. I love that deep, sexual energy it has
[Number] – 13
[Animal] – Horses is at the top of the list; but I am a total fuzzy creature nut.
[Book] – Steven King is one of my fave authors although George RR is starting to edge him out.
[Flower] – geraniums, the little purple flowers that sage gets, daisies and roses

[Twirl your hair?] – no, but I willingly fluff the Boyz belly fuzzies. *deep sigh o’contentment*
[Have tattoos?] – 5; ask me nice and I will show them
[Cheat on tests?] – nope
[Like roller coasters?] – when I was a young girl, yes.
[Wish you could live somewhere else?] – oh my, yes
[Like cleaning?] – not the act of no, not usually. a clean domicile is something i like though
[Write in cursive or print?] – dyslexic chicken scratch. only doctors & pharmacists can read it
[Know how to drive?] – yesh = i used to drive taxis
[Own a cell phone?] – as of recently
[Ever get off the internet?] – have to. The Girl waits on no ISP

[Been in a fist fight?] – yep, in my younger and more violent days
[Considered a life of crime?] – I did want to be a superspy when i was a kid…does that count?
[Considered being a hooker?] – not really
[Been in love?] – very much so
[Made out with JUST a friend?] – yep
[Been in lust?] – heheheh…take off the “been” and add “currently”
[Kicked someone in the nuts?] – yes

[Current clothes] – pj’s
[Current hair] – short black mess
[Current thing I ought to be doing] – packing
[Current CD in stereo] – Utah Saints
[Last movie you saw] – errr…anime, I think
[Last thing you ate] – leftover steak from lunch yesterday
[Believe there is life on other planets?] – definitely
[Read the newspaper?] – Only as I use to wrap dishes in
[Hate yourself?] – Ino, i’ve some self esteem problems but hate? no.
[Collect anything?] – only vicariously through the Girl…barbies, stuffed animals, etc.
[Like your handwriting?] – eh, its ok.

[First crush]- the only one that leaps strongly to mind is the first goth guy I ever met – in high school
[You believe in love at first sight?] – Yes.
[You believe in “the one?”]- No, the Matrix is make-believe
[belive in Lust at first sight?]- Oh, yes.
[Are you a tease?] – define ‘tease’ — do i torment guys for fun? sometimes. do i do it to maintain power over them? no. that sort of behavior makes my left eye twitch .
[Too shy to make the first move] – Often. But less so nowadays

[Daydreamer] – of course
[Sarcastic] – Can be
[Shy] – did we not just answer this?
[Talkative] – can be – depends on my mood

[Pierce your nose or lip?] – neither, thanks
[Be serious or funny?] – both should be an option

[Simple or complicated?] – i’d like to think of myself as a deep, complex highway of thought and emotions…with a simple entrance ramp

[What time is it] – 2.29 AM
[Name] – [redacted]
[Nickname(s)] – [redacted]

[Where do you want to live] – someplace that doesn’t cause me or my loved ones the need for anti-histamines
[How many kids do you want] – no more than the one i have
[What kind of job do you want] – writing
[Do you want to get married] – done!

[Nervous Habits] – I routinely jiggle my leg when I am nervous.
[Are you double jointed] – ish
[Can you roll your tongue] – yes
[Can you raise one eyebrow] – Spock would be proud
[Can you cross your eyes] – yes but usually am not inspired to do so
[Do you make your bed daily] – only in the sense that I made it to the bedroom and laid down on it

[Slept in your bed] – J is in there now
[Saw you cry] – C, I think
[Made you cry] – my own stupid self
[Saw a movie with you] – C and J and Summerkins

[Said ‘I love you’ to you] – J and C
[You hugged] – J
[You kissed] – J

[Been to California] – nope
[Been to Canada] – nope
[Been to Europe] – nope
[Wished you were the opposite sex] every now and again, I wish I could see how the other half lives.

2 thoughts on “while i wait for this dowload….

  1. “J” sez…

    -Now I see why I couldn’t sleep last night/this morning, someone was obviously thinking WAY too loudly about all manner of things! Hahaha, just kidding dear..! Don’t forget your vitamins etc. today…


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