Working at night can wreak real havoc on your writing. Especially as my job is pretty much “go-go-go” from the moment I get to work. Tonight is really the exception. Tickets are *extremely* slow. 😉

Work to get the house organized progresses apace. I’ve got lots of ideas on how I want to make the house look – esp. concerning our room (J’s & mine) and the Girlie’s.

Think I’ll post piccies of the decoration as we go.

3 thoughts on “

  1. stuff

    Probably the fact that GDC was up and in swing helped slow the rush. Or, at least it SEEMED like the entire world of there…

    Sounds like everything is moving well onthe home front, and that is very good to hear.


  2. “J” sez…

    -Ah, well then I’m glad we got new batteries for the DigiCam, and remind me to download the pictures onto my machine after you take them…

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