Posting goodness.

Color me marshmallow.
The Girl quivered her lip at me on the way home and I totally caved and got Sonic in return for promises of doing her homework without whining.

*sigh* She whined. Enough to make my scalp tighten up like a salted slug. It took her 3 hours (3 HOURS…H O U R S!!!) to complete 3 relatively easy pages of homework. The first 2 and a half were on the first page alone. She wandered off, she stared at her pencil, and oh yeah – she *whined*.

The Grandmother’s Curse is taking effect. I wonder what sort of rituals and/or sacrifices to tentacled beings would appease it? I just had this mental image me bowing before a a huge Cthullhu-like creature, with boxes of cherry cordials in my hands whilst it whined in a nasty, NY accent “And I hope she turns out Just. Like. YOU!”


11 thoughts on “Posting goodness.

    1. Ahh, my bad. But at least rest in the knowlege that S got her homework done.

      But you are most welcome to visit and help aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyytime you like. 🙂

  1. Heh – my responce to James when he used to try & pull the same thing:

    It’s your homework. In (x amount of time), you will need to put it up for dinner. If you have finished your homework, there will be time to (do something he likes) before bed. If you do not finish it, you will go straight to bed, and have to turn in incomplete homework to your teacher tomorrow and try and explain why you did not complete it.

    At which point I exit the area.

    I was lucky that he *never* wants to have to turn in incomplete homework! Especially since that meant he lost recess in school in order to complete it.

      1. Summer’s other problem is that once she gets her homework done – its __done__ so far as she is concerned. That whole “turning it in to the teacher” is only ever so slowly becoming part of the cycle of homework.
        She’s done pages and pages of homework, only to not turn them in and get the zero. But we’re trying (!!!) to teach her that turning it in is part of the whole doing homework thing.
        She’s getting it but only slowly.

      2. It doesn’t happen often, but I do believe sometimes we parents try to protect our kids a bit too much. I have to check to make sure I’m not cotton-balling his life sometimes.

        In this situation, *I* know that his being late on one particular days home work in 2nd or 3rd grade was really not going to have any long term bad consequences, but to him it was like the end of the world.

        Letting him take responsibility for his own homework has been a good thing. I am always available if he is having trouble understanding something or needs to bounce ideas of someone, but now in 5th, he knows that his homework is just that – his.

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