Just got back from the first Serenity/Firefly game night. This is going to be a ridiculous amount of fun, kiddies. I can tell that the system is going to uber easy to grasp. Hell, any system that makes generous use of the poor, maligned 12 sider is one that I can embrace. And the setting — well, how can you go wrong with Firefly?

At any rate, it will be three girls – the Diva, the Tam and myself. Pablo is to run. If tonight’s session is to be any indicator, we are going to be getting into massive amounts of mischief. And hopefully (in game) making a tidy profit. I love the fact that the ship I will be piloting is an “Artemis” class transport.

~~~mini rant~~~
husband = at school still
boy = at work

Mismatched schedules sucks
Day shift sucks
Getting time with The Girl= really, really good
Getting NO time with either boy = *growl*
House being more organized = pretty good
Adjusting to the day shift? Not happening.
Did I mention the general crappiness that is getting up at 6 AM?
Or the fact that I cannot really fall asleep before 1 AM?

*huuuuuuuuuge yawn* Its been a hella long day and I’m pooped. I’m off to go snuggle with my dozens of blankies and kittens.

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  1. Hmm. Maybe you could cut down on the outside stuff you’re doing so that you can have more time with the kids and fam? Anyway, see a doctor about the insomnia—my lunesta is fanatastic. Miss you!

      1. Actually, I usually end up gaming *with* the Boyz. I just want __more__ time with them that isn’t surrounded by other peoples. Not that I don’t love those other peoples.

      2. Well, I know, but that’s kind of what I mean. Something has to give somewhere if you want to spend “private” time with them, you know? The only thing I could think of that might could give would be gaming. I mean, not all of it. Just some. It’s hard to have a complicated schedule and not go insane, I know. I refer to my husband as “that guy I pass in the hallway at home” sometimes.

      3. Yeah, its just that they both game too.
        So…give up gaming and sit alone – and unhappy cause I am a gamer girl.
        Or, game and get at least *some* time – even if its not private.

        Me = Tues – Sat 8-5
        J = no day job but school T, Th and Fri 5 – 11
        C = Tues – Sat 5 – 2

        Right now its setup for Sat night being the John date night and Sunday night being the Connon.

        However, I wanna wake up and have coffee and cinammon rolls in bed. With Summer jumping up and down on one corner watching cartoons. John snuggled up to me on one side. Connon puttering about in the same room or snuggled up on the other side.
        _That_ would be bliss.

        I grok what you are saying – I truly do. But, right now our schedules aren’t even in the “give up something” phase. After December – things will get lots and lots better.

      4. Erm… Bon’s friends need a dose a week, or we get cranky. Besides, that’s the only time we get to see her “boys” too. And Summer. I swear that kid is the poster child for adorable.

      5. She is the most adorable kidlet.

        I should start writing down the Summerisms, I swear. On the way to game last week she declared herself the Queen of the Pirahna Spider-Monkeys.

        I don’t know. I just work here.

      6. Jacob and Will just keep it simple. Jacob must have said Hangeded four or five times yesterday before I got him to figure out that it should be “hung”.

        Will isn’t talking much, but when he does, the statements are generally something to do with food, or “that stupid cat”.

  2. Might want to warn your GM, hun, the Serenity/Firefly system is broke in a couple of crucial places and he/she prolly needs to come up with some house rules before you guys do something that hits those gaps.

    1. Hm, like what brokeness? Have no prob with house rules but would like to get them sorted *afore* we get there.

      (sheesh, I’m even talking like a Fireflay character – well, minus the Chinese phrases every now and again)

      1. Oog. At work currently and don’t have the book. Tell you what, I’ll give it the hairy eyeball tonight and try to…crap, I’m off for the next couple of days, so no ‘nets. Hmm. Okay, I’ll try to get on if I can, but at latest I’ll slide some data your way Thursday, k?

        *smile* Yep, reading the gamebook for any decent amount of time tends to install Outer Rim-speak on a body. 😉 Even the Chinese if you study the Appendix too long.

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