Its like work but without the annoying work part

I’m supposed to be working. I *should* be working. I’ve got over 50+ test cases to complete by the end of the week. But, basically I am in total fugget mode. I’d be sad about it or depressed but I’m just not.
I’m in a fantastic mood. We’ll see how long that lasts, though. Developers are whizzing in and out of the lab like their asses are on fire and their heads are catching. Which is perhaps, true.

I just have a simple question — who in the fuck takes their cell phone into a public restroom for a chat? Is this a new trend in cell conversation?
I just overheard a woman talking to someone – her mate, presumably – about navy blue bloomers for cheerleading. No, I can’t make this kind of shit up. Bloomers. Your phone conversation about *bloomers* was SOOOOO important you couldn’t wait or call them back or something. You had to take them into a ladies restroom for echoey, non-private chit-chat. Hey, here’s some advice, lady:
Fuck off.
Really. No one in here wants to share your navy-bloomer moment. We don’t care. We want to take care of our business, in as much privacy as gappy, metallic stalls will allow. And then we want to be left to wash our hands and leave.
I know I cannot be the only one who has a shy bladder and/or restroom habits. I tend to make sure the ladies room is empty before I begin – because having someone I don’t know listen to me make water. Someone walking into the bathroom to have a cell phone convo almost offends me. *growls to self*

Overheard at break

“I got this new program, totally cool. Let’s me rip DVDs without all that security stuff getting in the way. I tried on that one that came out two weeks ago…what’s it called? Uhh…some fucking Bible story or other.”
“The DaVinci Code?”

Irony thy name is geek.

Commence Screaming Now

Sometimes the lack of communication in this house makes me crazier than a shithouse rat. Just sayin’.

I just had to send this( * ) to my husband. Why? Because his Mom called me this morning & asked what the T-day plan was. The which I told her — dinner with friends in Burney. Well, she had told J over two weeks ago that they wanted to discuss Thanksgiving plans with us. Did I *ever* hear about this? Nope. Why? Probably it slipped his mind. Again.
One day, I just know it, my darling husband will come in and say, “Hey sweetie! Guess what happened today?” And then, he’ll fill me in on the details. Why, he may even tell me when someone calls or if there are any plans afoot!

“Alrighty, here’s the deal:

J, you ought to have told me that there were T-day plans afoot with your Mom. She is understandably upset because well, we haven’t seen her/them since the beginning of summer. And, they came out here for that time. We definitely need to go and see them, esp. for Thanksgiving.
That being said, I will need to contact Tommy and let him know that there has been a shift in our paradigm. Family is important.

Call your Mom. Apologize profusely. Ask if there is a certain time we need to be there and do we need to bring anything.
Then, call me and let me know what has happened.

The Wife”