Commence Screaming Now

Sometimes the lack of communication in this house makes me crazier than a shithouse rat. Just sayin’.

I just had to send this( * ) to my husband. Why? Because his Mom called me this morning & asked what the T-day plan was. The which I told her — dinner with friends in Burney. Well, she had told J over two weeks ago that they wanted to discuss Thanksgiving plans with us. Did I *ever* hear about this? Nope. Why? Probably it slipped his mind. Again.
One day, I just know it, my darling husband will come in and say, “Hey sweetie! Guess what happened today?” And then, he’ll fill me in on the details. Why, he may even tell me when someone calls or if there are any plans afoot!

“Alrighty, here’s the deal:

J, you ought to have told me that there were T-day plans afoot with your Mom. She is understandably upset because well, we haven’t seen her/them since the beginning of summer. And, they came out here for that time. We definitely need to go and see them, esp. for Thanksgiving.
That being said, I will need to contact Tommy and let him know that there has been a shift in our paradigm. Family is important.

Call your Mom. Apologize profusely. Ask if there is a certain time we need to be there and do we need to bring anything.
Then, call me and let me know what has happened.

The Wife”

4 thoughts on “Commence Screaming Now

    1. I am getting too old for this shi….

      Its been 8 *years*! In that time, I have been after him about improving his communication. Because if he didn’t I would go crazy and I would take him with me!!!

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