Priests and Cannibals….

I love this time of year. I love the spirit of giving that pervades my family and friends. Eggnog reappears in groceries. My cat lays in the sunshine and gazes green contentment at me. People’s houses smell of juniper, vanilla, cedar and cinnamon. The air outside is blue with wintry sunlight. Its beautiful.

But, so many people just seem to lose their freaking minds at this time of the year as well. Obnoxiously in-your-face religious nut-jobs irritate me any time of the year. Christmas, Yule, Hannukah, The Return of the Atlantean Space Dragons…whatever you celebrate – keep it to yourself if I don’t ask, mmkay? You can feel deeply and be content in whatever Aspect you worship, without giving me the minutiae.
If I relate an interest, that’s different. I have opened that door and you are most welcome to come in and chat. I’ll likely have coffee and struedel to share as well. We can discuss our commonalities and our differences without stress. If however, you feel compelled to harp to me about the Appendages of Doom that are right now being heralded by the alignment of the planets or because so-and-so behaved thus-and-such; well, I’m just gonna cross you off the card list.

One thought on “Priests and Cannibals….

  1. The Atlantean Space Dragon Scourging is upon us! The great thundergassing has begun! Beware foul demons and beasts, for the Ritcheous Rath of Everlasting Atlantean Girjirod is upon you! Face to the east brothers and sisters, and flare your nostrils at the rising sun, for if you do not….truly ye shall SUFFER!!!!!!

    And now that I’ve saved your soul, please deposit 25 dollars in the nearest collection plate.

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