i fall down with the teehees now

SYSADMIN DUDE/FRIEND: So, me ‘n the girlfriend are going to drive cross country for a week. From here to Portland. And, we’re going to stop at national monuments like the Grand Canyon and the Giant Rubber Band Ball to do some naked photo shoots.
ME: Keen! Are the federal parks cool with you doing nudes out there?
SYADMIN DUDE/FRIEND: I have no idea. I guess I should check that, huh?
ME: Yeah, nothing sucks worse than being thrown naked into jail.
SYSADMIN DUDE/FRIEND: Ah, hell no. I’ll go down in a blaze of glory before they throw my lesbian** naked into jail!

** He dates a self-professed lesbian. She’s cute, too.

I can tell already that its going to be a day that makes me want to have screaming hysterics. I have had little sleep, and I’m working on things today that require me to be observant.


Tiredness is stealing through my brain, my body. I can feel my wits falling away in long, slow waves. Its like being smothered in heavy cream.

I may have to go home @ lunch and nap.


Moving Day

After my usual (!!get the fuck outta my way you slow-ass bitches!!) drive into work, I am ready to face the day. So long as the coffee machine is working, which *slurp* …it is. Ahh, caffeine.

Today is the day. The truck is reserved, the lease is signed, the boxes are kinda-sorta packed. I am SO not ready for this. Well, OK. I am ready in the sense that I am ready to move out. I am not ready in the sense of “omfg I have no movers & i’m not done packing & who’s gonna watch the Girlie during the move & what is my game plan & the truck has to go back tomorrow & it looks like its going to rain & & & & …”

I’m not panicking just yet. I can feel the panicbeast circling though. Its sharp, little teeth have nipped me a couple of times but so far, I’ve kept it at bay.

*prays Please don’t rain, Please don’t rain, Please don’t rain

I love our lack of SPAM filter, sometimes

TITLE: Deerges Baesd On Yuor Kgwonlee

BODY: Hi mom & dad

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I got my Master|s in 2 weeks ;]. Mom tell cousin Sam to call that number you gave me, this program really works great i was very surprised!

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Love you guys,