calmer today.
i’d be a little better if i hadn’t left the lease information for my current abode on my desk at said abode. yes, that’s right. the one in flipping leander; a thirty minute drive from my office in the best of traffic. of course, i left the house in a pre-coffeenated state so i suppose i can forgive myself. i’ll go get it at lunch & drop it off with the nice lease agent.
pray (or face mecca or do an interpretative dance) for me peoples. i need this new lease to go through without a hitch. i can’t afford hitches, right now.

Weekend Update
I wound up not going dancing for a variety of reasons. I may go on Wednesday night though. Its free. Fweeee! Free is one of my favorite flavors. If I can talk someone into buying me tons (or tonnes, if I wanted to be effeminately British) of drinks then I am def going.

work bitch
Why in the friggedy-fuck is my system randomly registering & unregistering from the SIP server? Damn thee LCS!!!

SYSTEM: Tra-la, you can place SIP calls now.
ME: Cool, I can start this test then. *beings to setup dialing instructions. again*
SYSTEM: Juuuuuuuuuuust kidding! *unregisters*
ME: (#&&*$@+/^#*^)^&%$#_&!!!!

If it was happening with any regularlity, I would be happier. As is, I must needs wait for the server admin to get in to complete this task. *grumble* I hate waiting.

ahh, me. well–back to the grind.


So, I chatted with server-admin boy who said, “Urgh? Hmm…Rawr.”

Its his professionalism that I admire.

16 thoughts on “Gnus

  1. I’m going to face Mecca AND do an interprative dance for you…in unison!

    Of course, I’m not too sure how effective that will be, considering the fact that I’m a devout Catholic and all….

  2. SIP? What kind of work do you do involving provisioneing and setting up SIP?

    I was a SIP developer in a past life — specifically as it relates to SS7 switches, etc.

    1. i am an sqa engineer.

      sounds important, don’t it?
      all it means is that i are a telecommunications software test engineer.

      which is yet another way to say “i break shit. all day, every day”

      1. I’m one of those rare developers who considers QA my best friend and my worst enemy 😉

        My perspective is this: because you break shit, I get to fix it and make it even better. You break shit in a way that I didn’t and couldn’t envision, making our product that much better.

      2. That’s good, though. QA should be part of the developement process from the first.
        The group I worked best at was involved in an ‘X-treme Programming’* model. I liked working in such a fast paced but intimate environment. It was hectic but stuff got done.

        * yes, it was really called/spelled like that. i hope they fired their marketing dept for that.

      3. Yup, we did XP at Symantec.

        XP was/is a pretty good model for doing development. I loved the story idea, etc … and even the requirement of upfront test development.

        I didn’t care too much for the continual code-review by having two developers sit side-by-side, tho.

  3. I still want to know what your comment about me selling my house was. 🙂 I hope you get to feeling a little less stressed soon. You should come over and watch “How to Eat Fried Worms” with me and help me write trivia questions. 🙂

      1. I have slept since then, and have therefore forgotten whatever it was.

        Yes, yes! Trivia questions!
        And card games *slyly extends the Hand n Foot deck.

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