Get out of my way, asshole

People – what is your fucking problem driving in the morning? If we are on a two lane road – and by two lane, I mean one lane in each direction – and the POSTED speed limit is 45 MPH, do not drive 20 MPH. Esp. as there is no way to pass on this road due to the twisty, curvy, cliffy aspects of it. Bear in mind that I am driving a truck, I have not had any coffee, my marriage is coming apart at the seams AND I have PMS. I will ram your ass off the road.

Believe it.

16 thoughts on “Get out of my way, asshole

    1. Heh. Apparently that’s what this guy was doing.
      While I totally agree that its a gorgeous stretch of road, it is definitely not safe to stop or slow to a crawl to admire it.

      The road I drive to work on twists through a little pocket valley over a piece of the lake. Because of the cooler weather, there is almost always a mist rising off the water. When the sun hits it as it peeks over the top of the hills, it turns into this floating golden haze. Its almost too beautiful to bear.

      It was with that in mind that I didn’t tap this guy’s bumper on the way in. It woulda roont the mood.

      1. Tortured screams of metal rising through the mist? Nah, this is not a Geiger painting sort of scene. Had we been closer to downtown though, I probably would have strongly considered it.

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