So. 300.

I mentioned last night that it is effectively a graphic novel on film. This is what the director intended, I do believe. And they succeeded.
Each scene is like a panel; each one is intended to a strong emotional response. From the opening to the close, you are dragged through the story by the narrator’s feelings. And we’re not talking mamby-pamby, wishy-washy-weeping feelings, either. Oh, no. You want to stand and shout when betrayal happens. The Oracle’s beauty and pain engenders lust. The love scene between the Queen and Leonidis makes you squirm uncomfortably. Not because of any feelings of arousal. More because you feel like you are viewing something deeply private. The spirituality of flesh. Towards the end of the battle you will find your hand reachings for a spear so that you can kill Immortals on behalf of the king. Your king.
Whom you have forgotten is just an actor. Because you believe.

This is the only movie so far this year that I am going to *willingly* pay full price to see it on the big screen again.

The director must be the one who does Slaine as well.

3 thoughts on “300

    1. *blinks*
      Tries to imagine the Turtle with ripped abs and *fails*

      OTOH, he totally seems to get the graphic novel to cinema translation. I am not disappointed. *waves languid queenly hand*

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