alright Universe..just what is Your message, here?

Two days of hell head.

Advil won’t even touch a headache like this. I’ve taken some other pain meds — but they make me loopy as hell. I think it’s stress (or at least triggered by it) causing it. My neck and shoulders are so tight you can bounce a quarter off them. Actually, you could probably bounce a Sherman tank off them.

Anyone want to volunteer to come over and massage the pain away? I can pay in leftoever pizza.

OTOH, the pain meds did knock me out. I slept for like 9 hours last night.

One thought on “alright Universe..just what is Your message, here?

  1. I occasionally get headaches like that, and the only thing that will really correct them is going to the doc and getting a shot. The shot generally has me sleeping for about 12-18 hours straight.

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