Dear rubber-necking, knuckle-dragging troglodytes,

Yes, I realize that the whole “water from the sky” thing can be a little disorientating, esp. here in Austin, where its a fairly rare occurrence. I can even grok the need to go a little slower in these circumstances. The wreck up ahead is certainly a testament to the need to be a little more cautious whilst driving in adverse weather conditions.
I also realize that an accident which has called out …let’s see; 3 fire engines, 3 tow trucks, at least 2 ambulances and a slew of cop cars – is alot of light and motion to have to deal with this early in the morning, esp. in the rain.
This does not mean that you get to slow down to a crawl in an attempt to see what they are doing. Nor does it mean that select ones of you can actually STOP on the fucking ROAD and try to look into the back of the ambulances to try and see the poor folks who participated in the accident. Its none of your business. Leave them some privacy and oh, yeah…get the hell out of everyone else’s way who are just trying to get to where we need to be.

No love,

Yo, Universe. Yeah, you. I just wanna send out a great big FUCK YOU for the obstacles you placed in my path this morning. I mean, its not enough that I am trying to get my non-morning oriented 7 year old out the door and to school – which is thirty minutes away and then me back to work in a reasonable timely manner, oh no.
No, instead you decided that what I really needed was:
clueless Texas drivers
a doulie being driven by Methuselah doing 20 in the single lane 40
ALL of the stop signs/lights between me and the school – there are 12, I counted
the landscaping idiots who were dragging trees because they had not tied them down properly
ALL of the stop signs/lights back – still 12
and the aforementioned wreck.

Bite me.


8 thoughts on “

  1. So. I accidentally clicked your name instead of your thread comment on darkamdusias’ post and… was led here. I closed down the window automatically, but not before my eyes caught the words “troglodytes” and “‘Ello Sue!” … Based on those after images alone, I had to return to declare that – YOU ARE AMAZING.

    But I’m sure you already knew that. 😛

  2. OT

    I have enjoyed our couple of real life meetings. I am going to go with my ntuition and add you.

    You mentioned that you like to read and so do I. I also babble but at least I mastered the lj-cut so you can skip it if you want.

    Also my LJ is one of the better places to see what we are up to for Ladies’ Night. It was fun having you join us. Hopefully, you do that again sometime.

    1. Re: OT

      As have I.
      Welcome, welcome! And I would certainly love to come out to Ladies Night. That was alot of fun. I miss being in the exclusive company of women, sometimes.

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