More Gnus of the Mare

I gotta get more sleep at night. Just recently its only partially the insomnia keeping me awake at night. I’ve been staying awake in the evenings after the Girlie goes to sleep and talking to a *guy*.

Have I mentioned that getting to sleep and staying that way are incredibly difficult for me? Probably. Its one of the guiding stars in my adult life. Sleep is for other folks, apparently I decided that sometime around my mid to late twenties. Its gotten progressively worse as the years have passed.

I am always amused by my music service’s random shuffle. :::wumpscut:::’s “wreath of barbs” has just been followed by the live version of “Soul Man” by the Blues Bros. *snorts laughter*

~~~~we now return you to your regularly scheduled update, already in progress~~~~

Suffice to say that staying up late at night to chat with a guy is probably NOT the brightest thing I could be doing. OTOH, I don’t know that I have ever felt as comfortable with a guy as I do with D. Could be the 12 years that I have known this guy as a friend. Could be that we share alot of common interests and are able to converse on them without having to educate the other about it (which is *nice*, friends and neighbors). I like talking to him. We range all over the place and chat about anything and everything that pops into our heads. It doesn’t matter that the conversation sometimes jumps tracks, goes at 100 MPH, turns left sharply and then Crazy Ivans back to where we started.
Because he can keep up.
There is only one other person on the planet that I know of that can do that with any degree of reliability– my bestest girl, austingoddess. So yeah, there are heart flutters. Serious ones.

Of course…there is a complication. He lives 1100 miles away. On the one hand, it does keep a certain distance and allows me to handle the vagaries of my admittedly chaotic life without adding a present sexual partner to the mix. OTOH, I am a pretty tactile person. Even if there wasn’t a certain amount of “mmmohmy” to the relationship (and I will be the first to admist that there is), I like hugging people. If I know you, I tend to touch you as we chat. Well, always presuming that I know them well enough that this is an OK thing. I don’t randomly touch a stranger’s shoulder or hand as I talk. But if I do know you’re OK with it I will be hugging you upon seeing you. If you are sturdy enough, I will run at you and leap onto you. Its difficult on me to not have that element of physical contact while we are exploring the more cerebral of the relationship.

And boyhowdy…yeah. I’d like to do a bit more than touch this one. 🙂 Quite a bit more. Things are certainly going swimmingly ‘tween us, though.

Besides, he thinks I’m cute even when I’m at work being a geek.

Verily, I LOL.

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