No, no. There is too much.

Not in any particular order:

>> Thongs. Just not a good idea, ever.

>> You can make it to the airport from my house in under 30 minutes if you don’t mind breaking laws — both traffic and physics.

>> Sometimes, I am teh hawt. The airport pickup was one of those times.

>> Walking down a flight of stairs as they watch you turns the two or three butterflies in your tummy to a cast of thousands.

>> Kissing in a public stairwell can lead to embarrassing moments.

>> Murphy’s Law states that if you have a party, you will come down with a cold the day of.

>> Wet cake batter smells good when smeared on a body or three.

>> It does however, make a horrific mess.

>> Many of my friends from work are *loud*.

>> Really, really loud.

>> I should party with them more often.

>> Negative 603 dollars. OMGWTFingPonies!!! Who did I piss off and where do I make propriations to stop this stupidity?

>> I wanna be able to lap dance like that!

>> Salt does *not* stick to plastic glasses, no matter how much you wish it would.

>> One day is NOT enough advance notice that you will be repaving the parking lot. Especially as I was out for most of the day/night.

>> Towing my truck was also not fucking funny.

>> Assholes.

>> Dating a nurse means that you will always lose the “I’m fine, stop fussing” debate.

>> And that’s ok. 🙂

>> The pulled pork recipe that I made up is a winner. I will definitely be doing that again.

>> Holding hands and walking around downtown Austin.

>> And getting eyefucked by that girl while watching a cute butt go cycling up the street.

>> I have found new crack. It’s Aquafina’s Sparkling Flavored Water. Citrus Twist. Yum.

>> “I made you a picture!” *flashlight clicks on*

>> You make me feel beautiful.

>> I saw you tearing up in Security. I walked away so that you wouldn’t see me doing the same.

>> CV boot, yes?

>> That was an amazing drawing; I don’t usually dig anthro/furry stuff but that was awfully pretty.

>> I am pretty sure that I have a slight crush on breasystorm. Of course, that puts me in an upper percentile of people.

>> Honey flavored kisses.

>> OMG, he smells good.

>> I have leftover booze. A really, really lot of it. I think I’ll take it to CMA (if I can!).

There’s more — but I cannot acurately capture it right now. I will try to do some vignettes when I am not so brain dead.


>> I just saw Jesus. I think you fucked me Xtian!!
>> Walmart carries a variety of lube?!

**Bride of EDIT**

The old folks at the scenic pull off.
New music thoughts from friends.
Pawning off a ton of food at Tam’s.
I can go to CMA!

6 thoughts on “No, no. There is too much.

  1. if you dance like will make you a lethal weapon….as it is…conversations are forgotten and i am fairly certian no one cared to take their eyes off you when you danced..

    elysium at some point

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