My boss just took us (his team) out to lunch at Carrino’s. It was tres yum, if a bit much on the amount of food. I’m just glad that it was lunch sized portions. Otherwise I ‘d have tortellini for *weeks*. I am just now clearing out my ‘fridge from the party on Saturday.

Lord, I want a nap now.

The new* pink phone is dead. There is no reviving it. I will either have to order a new battery (because no one in town apparently carries them) or just suck it up and buy another cheapo phone. So..if you are trying to get hold of me and are having issues — please be aware that my freaking phone is NOT ringing.

For the nonce, the best way to get ahold of me is IM/AIM/email.

Those that needs it & don’t already have it, ping me and I will get my home number to you.


* – less than a month old


3 thoughts on “*rawr*

      1. The serial number is associated with a distribution date, and your phone should have a date of manufacture. You don’t necessarily have to prove when you got it. Can’t hurt to give ’em a call.

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