there is no title

From the backseat….
:::sneeze, sneeze…SNEEZE:::

From me….


Apparently, the allergies are in over-achiever mode today.


I need to restart my diet/excercise program. I have completely fallen off the wagon in recent weeks. I’m behind on my water & protein consumption. Think when I get some free cash, will go to the store and get some of those Isopure protein waters. They’re spendy but at 30+ grams each, totally worth it. Supposedly, I am supposed to try and intake 80 grams a day. Not all of it will be absorbed, of course.


I’m brain fried today. I MUST get caught up on my sleep. Must, must.

In other news….


You know who you are.


They’ve split the next release I am working on into three subsections. I can already tell that its gonna get messy.


* – if you have heard me sneeze, you know this is an accurate representation of the sound

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