I commiserate well….

WorkFriend:  that’s what I’m handed to work with.

WorkFriend:  And I didn’t bring my Miracle wand with me, either.

Mare: you are fucked, dude

Mare: or at least, unpleasantly groped

WorkFriend:  I’m also going to need some cable runners, too.

WorkFriend:  and drop hardware.

WorkFriend:  but that’s phase two.

WorkFriend:  actually, phase .5 is getting the room to expand the switches.

WorkFriend:  I can get refurbed cards for the switches for 30 bucks a piece.

WorkFriend:  and I”ll require….not ask…for two hot spares, too, since they’re refurbs.

WorkFriend:  and in the mean time, I’ll fix printers, replace keyboards, enter users, configure email, find out why this computer didn’t connect to the network, authorize wireless clients to connect, attend training for the reservation system and retail management system…..

WorkFriend:  I think I’m unpleasantly groped.

Mare: nah, you’re beyond unpleasantly groped and into being anally fisted by a nazi dwarf named “klaus” who is into long walks on the beach and showtunes.

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