What is best in life?

Well, for one – waking up to a thunderstorm of biblical proportions. I expected an old guy with a white beard to *here* to knock on my door to ask if I had any critters I wanted to send along. Seriously. Biiiig baadda-boom w/a light show to go with it.

How about the kiddo coming up first thing and wrapping her little arms around me? “Good morning, Mooo*yaaaaaaaaaaawn*ooom.” Even if her breath does smell terrible.

Having a prezzie – if it’s just a small one – for a friend. Tam, remind me. It’s for you.

Knowing that you look nice for work; esp. if that’s not the norm.

Rice Krispie treats for b’fast. ’nuff said.

Knowing that you’re loved by your friends. Its truly amazing.

The kitteh circling like a furry, black shark. “Blat, blat! I can see the bottom of my food bowl! FIX it, blat, blat! Woe, blat, woe!”

Having coworkers break into dance by your desk because your music rocks that much. Break it down, BoyCoworker! Shake that groove thang!

Getting kudos from the boss’s-boss’s boss. Serious ones. With a recommendation to *do* something about the awesome that we (me and the other guy on my team) are.

Knowing that no matter what….that shit happens, it happens far more often than you would like and it sucks; but, that because you are loved and needed – it’s shared troubles.

Nothing in particular…just rambling

Delayed pain hurts more.

I think we all learned this as kids when we badly stub our toes for the first time. You look down at the already swelling toe – not feeling anything – and 10 seconds later, that screaming pain suddenly hits your brain. You collapse into whatever chair is handy and *howl*.
It’s like the pain picks up friends along your nerve endings along the way. All of them carrying clubs & wearing leather vests and bad attitudes.

It goes without saying that the same is true for emotional pain. If you delay feeling something, dealing with it – or it is delayed by another force – it hurts worse once you actually sit down with it. It sidles up, whaps the back of your head like an overeager bully and proceeds to beat the crap out of you; for no other reason than you ignored it.

Pirates the Third

Having had a bad week and in desperate need of over-the-top pirate shennannigans I have decided to have a pirate themed movie watching party with some snacks and drinks and stuff.

*pant pant pant*
Well? YOU say that all in one breath!

Silliness aside, I think that on Saturday I am going to watch at least the 2nd movie & then head out to catch the third one at one of the Drafthouses. Because its just not piratey fun without nachos!

Or something like that.

Do you wanna come? If you do and you can, drop me a line and lemme know. For those that wanna show up really early, I will have coffee, donuts, PJ’s and the first pirate movie starting at 9.30/10 AM. The second will start at noon with the third movie being in the 3-5 range (depending on which show is not sold out).


Update, 1

For the past month I have woken up with a headache. Sometimes its really bad; others, its just annoyance. Added to today’s fun is vertigo. Not bad — just there. I would very much like it if I could not be re-enacting the lead from All That Jazz, healthwise., mmkayplzthx.

In other news, I have found reasonable daycare for the Girlie. It has lots of stuff for her to do: swimming every week, field trips every week, science experiments, computer room, cooking for kids, media room (large screen movie theatre!). I think she’s going to like it there. PLUS! It’s right down the road from where I work. So, I can go see her at lunch if I so desire.

Boom, baby!

It’s mornings like this that I wished “Explosive Runes”(tm), were something that I could actually use. Not that I am necessarily pissed at anyone. Its just sometimes, I have this need to jack with people. Tam calls me an evil fairy. I don’t that’s necessarily true. I’m not evil. I AM however, prone to fits of fuckery.
Esp. when i have only had about 2 hours of sleep.

Weep for me, O Babylon. Gnash your teeth, rend your garments and pray that I never, ever find the Big Book Of Runes.

(tm) Whoever the fuck owns DnD, now.

I amuse me. Tam amuses me.

Moi: *blargle* Shoot the oranges! Goose, bicycle!

Tam:  parsnips and antifreeze!

Moi: *laugh* This morning’s surreality was brought to you by Austin. Birthplace of *me!*

Tam:  lol

Tam: going to work now – email me. Princess of DOOOOOM.

Tam: and C says “good morning”

Moi: Morning

Moi: I expect to be entertained by the both of you.

Moi: Now…shoo.

Tam:  yes ma’am

Tam: *dances*

Moi: *gestures grandly*

Tam: *snort*