Stream of Consciousness Post

I keep getting behind in my posting. There’s so much ongoing in my life that its hard to sit down and write a post about it.
What does this mean to you, Gentle Reader? Why, that you get another bullet-pointed post! Lucky, lucky you! As always, these are only written down as I recall them & not in any chrono or logical order:

** The AC is broken this morning at my office. This is the first time that I have *ever* been comfortable here, from a temperature standpoint.
** Thai coconut chicken curry for breakfast rocks my socks. If I wore them.
** Thai food apparently makes my lab-mate a little nauseated.
** ….drat.
** I woke up having a panic attack this morning . I have NO idea what set it off.
** Camping was amazing – I got sunburned only a little.
** The rug-burn on my back was much worse.
** Totally worth it though.
** D missed his flight into Austin by like ten minutes. He scrambled and was able to get a flight into DFW for the same night.
** I drove to DFW to pick him up. Beacuase I am just. That. Cool.
** I did NOT want to drive back to Austin though. So began the search for a place to sleep.
** Five hotels later~~, we wound up at the Marriot on FCC/Trinity off of 360. I recommend that no one ever, EVER stay at that place. The beds are apparently made of bricks. Nice sheets, though.
** I know that the sheets are nice because they had full-color brochures describing just how awesome they were.
** Brochures.
** I would have rather had a soft bed. But that’s just me.
** This week marks the end of my 90 day separation period. I file on Monday.
** J & I are becoming better friends through this process. I feel blessed to have him in my life.
** Seems like C is also learning and making strides in his own growth.
** They still have a pirate ship in the backyard, though.
** That will never not be funny to me.
** CMA is covered in flies. Or at least, the area we were camped in was. It was almost Biblical in proportion.
** I think we might go to Samhain.
** There was a pantie-casualty count of two this weekend past.
** Double dating with best friend & her sweetie was fun. I think we were the PDA-ingest table about.
** The margaritas & martinis probably helped with that.
** I got new soap. Its supposed to smell Moroccan. Smells like baby powder to me, though.
** I need baby-sitting for this coming Saturday night as its Tam’s birthday.
** Crap, I think I just broke the app I’m working with.
** ….badly broke it.

~~All of them were full. Of— I shit you not — Jesus-freak teenagers. Some big co-ed multi-campus school trip to Six Flags is our best guess. They all had a hard-on for Jesus. *eye roll*

9 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Post

    1. And I love you. Camping is not bad if you do it huge lot jobs. I prefer winter camping my ownself. Less bugs. More fires.


  1. ** Double dating with best friend & her sweetie was fun. I think we were the PDA-ingest table about.
    ** The margaritas & martinis probably helped with that.

    *snort* Seriously? You really think we would have been less PDA without alcohol? 🙂
    I don’t.
    But we might have been *quieter* for the poor vanilla folk nearby.


    1. Probably not. And we weren’t drinking *that* much.
      But yeah..I think we did scare some of the vanilla pods around us. I noticed a definite *scurry* when they had to pass our table en route to the restroom or whatever.

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