12 thoughts on “Conversations at work….

      1. No no no….

        It doesn’t work that way. Green and red sort of make a orange-brown color that just doesn’t work out. If we’re going with brown we might as well just make it mud wrestling.

        But the jello seems like the more edible option…

  1. Buffy would win posthumously…

    Because Evil Willow would kill whoever went after buffy.. and I dont think the spaceship or the crew or even that federation thingie would have much chance of stopping her…

    please add her to the bikini wrestling contest (and Anya too)

    its one of those situations where even if the pictures goes out the dialog would be priceless…

    1. Re: Buffy would win posthumously…

      Pshaw….there would be a musical and everybody would get to be alive.

      THEN River would kick Buffy’s ass….again.

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