Update, 1

For the past month I have woken up with a headache. Sometimes its really bad; others, its just annoyance. Added to today’s fun is vertigo. Not bad — just there. I would very much like it if I could not be re-enacting the lead from All That Jazz, healthwise., mmkayplzthx.

In other news, I have found reasonable daycare for the Girlie. It has lots of stuff for her to do: swimming every week, field trips every week, science experiments, computer room, cooking for kids, media room (large screen movie theatre!). I think she’s going to like it there. PLUS! It’s right down the road from where I work. So, I can go see her at lunch if I so desire.

4 thoughts on “Update, 1

  1. Considering you’re running on a trend with the headache, AND now have vertigo, I’d strongly suggest seeing a doctor. You know, those men in the white jackets that DON’T tie you up in a white jacket of your own. *nod*

    And cool deal about Summer’s daycare. I know it’s a pain finding good childcare.

  2. I have been waking up with headaches recently, which I suspect is not breathing properly. Could be allergies.

    Dizziness could be labyrinthitis, which sucks, but yeah, see a doctor. They usually can’t do anything.

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