Pirates the Third

Having had a bad week and in desperate need of over-the-top pirate shennannigans I have decided to have a pirate themed movie watching party with some snacks and drinks and stuff.

*pant pant pant*
Well? YOU say that all in one breath!

Silliness aside, I think that on Saturday I am going to watch at least the 2nd movie & then head out to catch the third one at one of the Drafthouses. Because its just not piratey fun without nachos!

Or something like that.

Do you wanna come? If you do and you can, drop me a line and lemme know. For those that wanna show up really early, I will have coffee, donuts, PJ’s and the first pirate movie starting at 9.30/10 AM. The second will start at noon with the third movie being in the 3-5 range (depending on which show is not sold out).


2 thoughts on “Pirates the Third

  1. Off topic


    Who would you recommend for tattooing?

    I am going to get the kanji for tranquility down next month and I am still trying to find the right artist.

    I noticed your beautiful art and thought you might have a suggestion. I would also like someone who understands this is a spiritual symbol for me not just a decoration or a whim.


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