Nothing in particular…just rambling

Delayed pain hurts more.

I think we all learned this as kids when we badly stub our toes for the first time. You look down at the already swelling toe – not feeling anything – and 10 seconds later, that screaming pain suddenly hits your brain. You collapse into whatever chair is handy and *howl*.
It’s like the pain picks up friends along your nerve endings along the way. All of them carrying clubs & wearing leather vests and bad attitudes.

It goes without saying that the same is true for emotional pain. If you delay feeling something, dealing with it – or it is delayed by another force – it hurts worse once you actually sit down with it. It sidles up, whaps the back of your head like an overeager bully and proceeds to beat the crap out of you; for no other reason than you ignored it.

6 thoughts on “Nothing in particular…just rambling

  1. Testicles… there is always a couple of seconds where you think, “Ah, it won’t hurt.” Then it sets in and builds. Very nasty delayed pain.

  2. Of course, with the emotional pain, on a conscious level we know it’s coming, and that it’s going to totally SUCK. This is why we delay it as best we can. THEN, when we can’t put it off any more, it turns out to be twice as bad as if we’d just dealt with it in the first place.

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