What is best in life?

Well, for one – waking up to a thunderstorm of biblical proportions. I expected an old guy with a white beard to *here* to knock on my door to ask if I had any critters I wanted to send along. Seriously. Biiiig baadda-boom w/a light show to go with it.

How about the kiddo coming up first thing and wrapping her little arms around me? “Good morning, Mooo*yaaaaaaaaaaawn*ooom.” Even if her breath does smell terrible.

Having a prezzie – if it’s just a small one – for a friend. Tam, remind me. It’s for you.

Knowing that you look nice for work; esp. if that’s not the norm.

Rice Krispie treats for b’fast. ’nuff said.

Knowing that you’re loved by your friends. Its truly amazing.

The kitteh circling like a furry, black shark. “Blat, blat! I can see the bottom of my food bowl! FIX it, blat, blat! Woe, blat, woe!”

Having coworkers break into dance by your desk because your music rocks that much. Break it down, BoyCoworker! Shake that groove thang!

Getting kudos from the boss’s-boss’s boss. Serious ones. With a recommendation to *do* something about the awesome that we (me and the other guy on my team) are.

Knowing that no matter what….that shit happens, it happens far more often than you would like and it sucks; but, that because you are loved and needed – it’s shared troubles.

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