the loooooooooooooooove boat……blah blah blah…looooooooove boat

And then…something comes along to cheer me up. Lord, I love the late night trolls. He posted this to my MySpace inbox. *snickers* Too funny to not share.

“Hello ..Mare
How are u doing there .. my name is jerry i am 48 years from satanta monica CA……Yep it will be real Great to meet kinda new to this online dating stuff and you happen to be my first contact online.. well dear i just got out of a Bad Relationship that really hurtled me.. thats why i got introduced to this online datting stuff…I am a very sincere and Honest person. I think Age is no Barber to me..if i find the right woman.. i don’t mind relocating cus i have done it before and i don’t mind doing it again.. I am a man that is in need of real and perfect love.. i am only on here for True Love…..Well its real Nice getting to know you.. if you are interested in me you can contact me on yahoo messenger.. here is my id Yadda-I’m not that to hear from you now on yahoo.. plz im me.. am online right now

It my pleasure
Jerry “[sic]

Updatey Du Jour

Back from zee doctor’s (again!) this morning. Or rather, the lab. They sucked out a pint* of blood and then asked me to pee in a cup. This was after a serious no-nothing-after-midnite fast.
By the fourth vial of blood, I was starting to look a little peaked. By the time he handed me the cup, I told the nice lab tech that he had had all the fluid he was gonna get from me. I was empty. He grunted and waved me towards the restroom. Hokay. I went in, peed about a 1/8th of a teaspoon, and left. Bite me, if they don’t have enough. Next time, let me have water.

Ya’ll think I’m being crabby today? I think I am but only because I got NO sleep last night. Or rather, no good sleep. I kinda-sorta dozed off and on all night long. By 7 AM, I decided that enough was enough and got out of bed. At any road, if the devs want me to play nice, there’d better be offerings upcoming. That’s all I’m saying. Test your super-duper new code, outside the normal schedule? No problem but only if you got movie tickets or something. :z

Oh! I think I want to take the Girlie to a baseball game at Dell Diamond in the next week. Does anyone know their schedule or if they still play? I am not a huge baseball fan so these things are a mystery to me. However, Herself has asked to go see a baseball game and who am I to argue?

*yawns hugely*

Need. More. Coffee.

* – “it comes in pints?”

The Girl and I had a great night. We colored & watched Dead Man’s Chest; then I cooked up some steak & rice, w/a salad on the side. She ate all but the last three leaves of her lettuce. Looks like she is going through another growth spurt. I swear, she is taller than she was the last time I saw her.


I’d write some more – and likely I will later – but right now I am so nervous that I just cannot brain enough to coherently string thoughts together.

Dear Universe,

I want to talk to you about this whole “Mercury Retrograde” stuff. I personally, don’t care whether its a true phenomenon or a mass mind set. But it seems like that every time MR (can we call it MR for short? Thanks!) comes around, my ability to brain drops sharply.
I find myself doing stupid things like using the wrong goddamn file during software intall/update tests. Not only that, I do it for an entire 8 hour day! And then – and only then – do I realize what I am doing. But not before I’ve entered three seperate issues into the bug tracking system. Oh, joy! Oh, rapture!
Oh, fuck you.
So now, this morning, I am backtracking myself and retesting my work. Because you know how much I *love* restesting. And of course, I have soooo much time to do this. Its not like I don’t have at least 12 other test suites to complete by Friday. Or the numerous side projects that I have going on.
And MR isn’t just for the office anymore, oh no! Apparently it can come along and fuck your un-lubed, unsuspecting ass any ole time! Yessirree. Need to have an argument with your boyfriend at two fucking o’clock in the morning? Want to have a misunderstanding with your Mom over a happy-gram email? Or the ever-popular subtle effects like missing meetings with friends because you can’t effectively communicate time. Woohoo, its a barrel of laughs, MR is.
All I am saying, Universe is that you might want to re-think this whole MR thing. Nobody likes it. Nobody wants it around. It stinks the way a shit-encrusted, dead skunk does. Get rid of it.

No love,