*stumble stumble*

You wanna know what a nurse and his GF argue about at 1 in the morning?

Hunka Hunka Burning Nurse : you’ll never guess what I came across in my readings…
Mare : what’s that ?
Hunka Hunka Burning Nurse : the article is called “Responding to primary brain tumor”
Hunka Hunka Burning Nurse : and I quote….
Hunka Hunka Burning Nurse : people of any age can develop a primary brain tumor
Hunka Hunka Burning Nurse : The clinical manifestations of a brain tumor cover a wide range, from headache to hemiparesis.
Hunka Hunka Burning Nurse : General signs and symptoms – headache, seizures, nausea, vomiting, and cognitive changes – are the most common initial manifestations…
Hunka Hunka Burning Nurse : Headache is a prominent early symptom in half of all patients with brain tumors.
Mare : i’ve had no seizures. And I am pretty sure my cognitive abilities are much as they’ve always been. Although I could be wrong on that last one.
Hunka Hunka Burning Nurse : The headache is typically intermittent, moderate to severe, worse in the morning, and associated with nausea or vomiting.
Mare : Are you telling me all this to try to frighten me?
Hunka Hunka Burning Nurse : Fatigue, a common general symptom, can result from both the disorder and treatment.
Hunka Hunka Burning Nurse : nope…just thought it was interesting reading…
Mare : izzat so?
Hunka Hunka Burning Nurse : yup….
Mare : and you wanted to share this with me, because?
Hunka Hunka Burning Nurse : just thought you might be interested in what I was reading….
Mare : riiiiiiiiiiiiiiigt

We then went on to our nightly phone call and continued the same discussion. *head shake* I don’t think he’s right. On the other hand, I don’t know that he is wrong either. The root cause of these discussions are the headaches that I have been having for the past couple of months. I think its stress and muscle tension. Possibly even some mis-alignment of my neck vertebra. He thinks that there might be a neurological cause. Back and forth, we have gone over this. However, I am leaning towards getting it checked out.

3 thoughts on “*stumble stumble*

  1. I think a chiropractor and a yoga class would help more than delving into the possibility of brain tumors! Health care professionals are kind of like that, though: always looking for a nail to hit with that hammer. ;P

  2. I’ve been having them a lot recently. I’ve figured out the causes for 90% of them.

    * low refresh rate monitors
    * old florescent lights
    * not eating at the right times
    * clenching teeth (this is insideous, I’ve woken up clenching my teeth.)

    If you do any of the above..

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