I’m sitting in my high tech office — with a stupid, tiny little moth fluttering around me. Its alighted on my cameras, microphones, set tops, monitors, my face….grrr. I’m not sure why this irritates me so but, its like suddenly I’m a cat. I can’t see it fluttering about without I don’t try to catch the little bastard.
*flails ineffectually as it flits past again*


It could also be that I am deep in the throes of PMS. EVERYthing is upsetting me. Last night, D was teasing me about my laundry skills* and I was near to sobbing because of it*. Really. Being teased about my domestic skills almost sending me into a crying fit. Isn’t there a pill or something to make this stupid shit go away? I despise being an emotional wreck once a month because of my hormones. Truthfully, Im not usually this bad, but for the past two months I’ve been a PMSy twit. The only difference is that I am on the Depro shot. I think that I am disinclined to do so again.

Of course, there is also the fact that D’s under a lot of pressure due to work right now. Its telling on him – and is therefore telling on me as well. I can’t be there to hold him or tell him everything is going to be ok either, as he is in Florida. What I can do is text him, phone him, IM him. None of these are acceptable substitutes for wrapping my arms around him and saying that everything is going to be OK; and even if it isn’t, we can weather it together.

* – I have amazing laundry fu for sorting, washing and drying clothing. It sort of breaks down after that, as I apparently have a mental block on folding, hanging our putting away of clothes. There are baskets and piles of clean clothes littering my room.

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  1. I know how frustrating hormones can be. If you find something that would stop me from being all moody and weepy once a month, please let me know.

    *offers dark chocolate and hugs if you want them*

    1. *takes you up on both*

      Thank you, sweetie. I swear I’m just going to start having a Menstrual Hut every month. Anyone bleeding from their crotch and ready to weep or kill can come in. I’ll have Godiva and ALL the sharps will be locked away.

      🙂 If it worked for our ancestresses – it should work for us.

  2. I think a prescription…

    …of a bottle of some flammable aerosol (Lysol comes to mind) and a lighter would both solve your moth problem AND improve your mood.

    It’s hard to dodge when your world becomes an instant inferno.

    *And* if you Lysol, everything is clean when you’re done!

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