Tracking – Medical

The past two, two and a half months have seen:

–>> headaches, every day – usually wake up with it. Sometimes its a general all over headache, sometimes its a localized pain in the crown of my head (feels like the hemispheres are trying to leak out of my ears).

–>> Vertigo, several times a week. Feels like I am standing on the deck of a ship in a heavy sea.

–>> Dizziness, every day but usually mild.

–>> Eye pain, shooting, pressing pain behind both eyes. Feels like someone is pressing their thumbs against the back of them and pushing out.

–>> Loss of balance, I walk into shit way more than normal. If I close my eyes and lift my right foot, it takes about a half second for me to start to topple over.

–>> Leg, foot and hip cramps. OMG, fucking painful ones that no amount of rubbing seems to help.

–>> Drop in BP whenever I stand, or really change position at all. This is getting to the point where its beyond annoying. It’s not sometimes, it’s every damn time I change my position. laying to sitting, sitting to standing, side position to back, etc. Doesn’t matter. It all causes my head to spin and the world to gray out slightly.

–> Numb patches, randomly over my legs and feet
–>> Shooting pains from the bottom of my left foot to my groin. These two are what makes me think that it might be a pinched nerve.

–>> Heavy bruising with no apparent cause, usually on my lower legs.

–>> Nausea. I had been thinking that the nausea was all related to my surgery but I have actually been eating pretty good. I shouldn’t be nauseated all that often. I also notice that I am usually nauseated when the headaches get bad. Which leads me to …

–>> Migraines – -which are different than headaches. Visual issues (sparkly, gray fields in my vision), motion, light and sound sensitivity, extreme pain, and nausea from said. 2-3 x’s a month.

6 thoughts on “Tracking – Medical

  1. Umm.. not to pry or run your life for you, but diden’t you make mention of leaning twards at least having this checked out at some point. cause all of us friends ( speaking for all that i know off hand) really think your groovy, and don’t like seeing you in pain and dizzy all the time. Just a thought, Love and huggles

  2. Maybe this is none of my bidniz, but…

    You should get that checked out.
    A friend of my Girlfriend’s complained of numbness, headaches and things, and as it turns out she’s been diagnoses with MS.

    Not trying to freak you out or anything, but you should get it looked into.

      1. Best time to catch me is Thursday. My only other appointment that day is at 9pm (offsite, so I need to be finished whatever else I do by 8pm).

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