The Beach

Made it to Florida! 🙂 I am spending the next few days just relaxing, hanging on the beach, having some drinks on the beach, watching movies, oh yeah, and swimming at the beach.

I’ve got my cell with me and I will be checking email and such. Send me a shout if you wanna hear me having a great time…yeah, you guessed it — on the beach!

I actually have a swimsuit – a two piece, if you can believe it – to wear. I may allow D to take pictures of me wearing it*. We will see how I feel about posting them, though.

The ‘kins is spending the next few days with her Nonni & Poppy; she’s been looking forward to this for weeks. They are planning on taking her all around – swimming, the Science Museum, movies, shopping, cooking, etc. She is going to have such a good time! I miss her though, and will be calling her here in a minute to see how she’s doing.

* – like I can stop him from snapping photos of me. He’s a fiend with a camera, I tell ya. A fiend!

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