short rambly post of backness

I am back, my friends. Florida was wonderful – but I am desperately glad to be back in Austin. The trip back was a little on the scary side – I damn near fell asleep at the wheel a number of times. And black-as-sin coffee can only save your tired butt so many times.
But we made it, the Girlie is at her daycamp and I am at work. For how long, we shall have to see.

As with any trip, I wound up accidently leaving a slew of things behind. Some of them on purpose, others, not so much. Does anyone know where I can get a tube of Tom’s cinnamon/anise toothpaste? Yum. 🙂


The *reason* that I drove back this morning was that my flight was delayed until 10 something last night. By the time I got back to my Mom’s house in GP, I was dead tired. The thought of driving all the way back to Austin was more than a little daunting.
“I know!” I thought. “I’ll just crash on the couch til Mom gets up at 5. Then I will bundle the still sleeping Girlie into the car and drive home, well rested and ready for work!”
Yeah, the best laid plans. Mom’s couch is the most uncomfortable slab of concrete this side of the surface of the moon. And the Girlie – who was on a pallet on the floor next to me – snores so loud, lumberjacks were stopping by to ask what the fuck the noise was all about. I got about 2 hours of sleep, tops.
That is why driving home in the early morning hours was a bit on the touch and go side.

11 thoughts on “short rambly post of backness

  1. I know Whole Paycheck carries that toothpaste, probably CM does too.

    And man, would my ex D go for that gig! But only if they promised to shoot him into space afterwards. 🙂

  2. Glad you’re back.

    Quick update…

    Last Exalted game is next Monday. Be there, or feel guilty for making Rob cry.

    We talked about what we want to do after the Exalted game ends, and decided on two games to try. Connon is going to run a session of Exalted, and John is going to run a session of Marvel. Whichever game the group likes best, we’ll stick with.

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