What’s that middle part, again?

I usually to do my best writing in the early morning. I guess my brain is fresher, less inundated with crap from my workday, life. I suppose it would be different if I didn’t have to think about testing H.320/H.323 calls with content and oh, can we add a POTS line to that call please? Or meetings. Or office politics. Or, or, or…

On the plus+plus side, I went out last night for drinks with a group of friends. Had a ton of fun, a good deal of alchohol* and apocalyptically hot wings**. We then retired to a nearby friend’s house to watch Eddie Izzard (Glorious) Man, I laughed so hard I damn near peed on myself.

I meant to write about this yesterday but between how busy we are at work, getting the Girlie where she needed to be, going out with friends, I just plain forgot. I had the most amazingly realistic dream night before last. I dreamed I was talking to D. Hot, no? Seriously, it was like I was truly there, talking to him. It wasn’t until I woke up that I realized it was just a dream. So, when I chatted with D during the day, I asked him about the things that had come up during the dream. It was bizarre chatting with him about the issues that my brain insisted we had already gone over. But, we did get a good deal of ground covered. Probably it was my sub-conscious saying, “Chick – you need to talk to him about this stuff.”

You know, no one really can tell how they are going to react to an LDR until they are in one. I originally thought that it was a good thing that he was so far away. And really, I guess it was. It gave us a chance to get to know one another without the distractions that a physical relationship can bring. There was a 2-month pause from the time we first re-connected*** (thanks, Tam) to our next in person visit. We spent that time talking, texting, IMing, emailing – getting to know each other & ourselves a lot better.
But, darnit – I miss him. When he comes into town or when I go visit him, the time we spend together feels like the reality with the time we spend apart the anomaly. We make plans for our future – and these are not pie-in-the-sky stuff (“I wanna build a boat”, “I think we should someday live in Costa Rica”) although there are some of those as well. We talk about our career paths, who should go to school first – whether its a good idea if we both go at the same time, if that means we should wait on his Texas residency, how that’s going to affect retirement, what state we should choose to start The Girl’s college fund from, etc. etc. I don’t think I’ve ever really had a relationship this adult, ever. Worth the wait? Yes. Hard as hell to stay upbeat? You bet. Miss him? Very, very much.


* – three margaritas, one kamikaze, one and half glasses of wine
** -On the plus side, I am pretty sure that my intestines are now squeaky clean. Flying Wellendas just don’t cover the sting of this morning’s…well, let’s just say “ow” and leave it at that.
*** – We have known each other for about 12 years.


5 thoughts on “What’s that middle part, again?

  1. what gateway are you using? cause most of them can handle incoming PSTN calls and H.323 at the same time. Hell, most of them will covert analog to H.323 and hand off the stream to whatever device you want.

    1. Honestly, it depends on what series of tests I am running. We have in-house GK/GW ‘s, we also test interoperability – our systems with our competitors. Whee!

      1. “the time we spend together feels like the reality with the time we spend apart the anomaly”

        Awesome connection, And…

        “I don’t think I’ve ever really had a relationship this adult, ever”

        Very nice to be able to communicate and relate in this fassion, Hense strong Squee-Fu.

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