And I just want to emphasize that if you are not 100% satisfied…

There is some guy on the lounge TVs babbling about some book he wrote that will apparently cure all your ills, find your lost ring and prove life on other planets exists. *eye roll*
What is it with us? Why do we need immediate, full & complete answers to everything, right now? Why can we not accept that sometimes there is no answer. Or if there is one, its one we won’t like. Or that, god forbid, if we want an answer we are going to have to find it our ownselves?

It seems…greedy to demand to be given all the answers. Right now! Indexed and tabbed and with a fucking bow on the top. No, I don’t wanna work for ’em! Just gimme, gimme!

I don’t know, it just caught me wrong. Irritated me that people (in general) do not want to take their own journeys, discover their own mysteries, find their own damn answers.

9 thoughts on “And I just want to emphasize that if you are not 100% satisfied…

  1. Emphasizing the lazy side of our culture is indeed annoying.
    But we tend to hate chaos. We like control. Logical control at that. “If we understand it, we control it! If we control it, we don’t have to be scared of it!”

    1. man, i’m cranky today

      You can hate chaos and strive to bring it under control within your life. But there are not quick and easy answers, no magic bullet.

      And the people who are sitting on their asses waiting for it to be delivered, no charge, are missing out on actually living.

  2. Its because self discovery is hard, and often unpleasant. On the up side, seeing how little those books actually change their lives might prompt some folks off their asses.

    1. It may actually inspire them to get off their butts and live their lives. Or, it may convince them that they just bought the wrong book, video, red/blue time crystals.

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