Just so ya’ll know…last week sucked rancid shit from a leper’s ass.

But the weekend was for the most part, extremely nice. It certainly helped put the week into better perspective.
By Friday, I was cranky as hell. Very few people (esp. at work) could say anything to me that I didn’t want to rip their face off and use it for TP. Seriously. Cranky.

It didn’t help that there were a million and one things that I had to accomplish by week’s end –> that did NOT in fact get done. takhisis recently posted about the red tape nightmare of her job. Read that and understand that its an industry-wide issue. Everyone who works for a company in the tech field groks that whole “who me?” sort of pervasive attitude. Yes, you. Fucker. Fix what’s broke and I will leave you alone, I swear to Rudy.
Oh, and YOU? Yeah. I’m in VSQA. I don’t mind helping you out, giving you a hand, testing a particular setup or problem in my admittedly sweetly setup lab. OTOH, I am not here to do your job for you. I have my own job, my own deadlines. And no-where in my contract does it say that I have to save your rusty butt.

So, work sucked. Big deal, you may say. Work sucks for alot of people. What else happened to put you in such a pissy mood? Glad you asked.

For those readers who know me well, understand that communication is a big, BIG deal with me. If you cannot communicate well with me, we are going to have problems. If you refuse to communicate with me then we are going to have serious problems.
If you, for example, tell me that you are going to do something then for gawdssakes…Just. Fucking. Do. It. Don’t hem and haw and put it off and then lose the paperwork. IF you lose it a second time buddy, I will have the papers served via the Williamson County Sheriff’s office. Don’t fuck with me on this. I have given you several weeks to get this taken care of. If you cannot or will not do it; believe me, I will.

Also, no Girliekins this week. I knew it last week and it depressed me. I love having the Girlie around. We hang out, watch movies, plant flowers, swim, color. She’s my universe. There’s nothing like having a little blond kid yelling “mom, hey mom! watch this, watch me!” But she is at her Grammy’s house this week. And I know that she needs to be there. I just miss her.

And then…my work forgot to pay me last week. It was sort of the rotten cherry on top of the curdled sundae that was my week. I ended the week with just under 60$ in the bank. Fan-fucking-tastic, eh? Good thing I live so close to where I work. Gas might’ve been a bitch. And food. Oopsie!


All that being said, the weekend made up for it in many, many ways. Got some serious alone/thinking time. So my house is again clean and put away. The cat’s a bit rattled. though. She hates the vacumn – and I was running that bad boy around the house like a fiend. I vacumned everything, including the chair she was apparently hiding under. I didn’t know she could move her fat ass that fast.
I also had lovely talks with both bestest friend in the world – the amazing Tammerstein (give her a hand, folks, isn’t she wonderful?!) and D, the astonishingly fantabuloso BF. Every day, I find reason to be grateful for them being in my life.

So, its Monday and I feel better about the looming week. There is still a ton of things to do along with the accompanying stress. But, still. There are answers upcoming for some issues that are part of the loom. There is a feeling that while there is alot hanging over me; it is a finite amount. And the Girl comes home this week.

Its enough for now.

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