Updatey Du Jour

Back from zee doctor’s (again!) this morning. Or rather, the lab. They sucked out a pint* of blood and then asked me to pee in a cup. This was after a serious no-nothing-after-midnite fast.
By the fourth vial of blood, I was starting to look a little peaked. By the time he handed me the cup, I told the nice lab tech that he had had all the fluid he was gonna get from me. I was empty. He grunted and waved me towards the restroom. Hokay. I went in, peed about a 1/8th of a teaspoon, and left. Bite me, if they don’t have enough. Next time, let me have water.

Ya’ll think I’m being crabby today? I think I am but only because I got NO sleep last night. Or rather, no good sleep. I kinda-sorta dozed off and on all night long. By 7 AM, I decided that enough was enough and got out of bed. At any road, if the devs want me to play nice, there’d better be offerings upcoming. That’s all I’m saying. Test your super-duper new code, outside the normal schedule? No problem but only if you got movie tickets or something. :z

Oh! I think I want to take the Girlie to a baseball game at Dell Diamond in the next week. Does anyone know their schedule or if they still play? I am not a huge baseball fan so these things are a mystery to me. However, Herself has asked to go see a baseball game and who am I to argue?

*yawns hugely*

Need. More. Coffee.

* – “it comes in pints?”

8 thoughts on “Updatey Du Jour

  1. I keep meaning to go see a game. Maybe once we get the Ark up and running with the appropriate number of animals, we can jaunt over to the baseball “pool.” 😉

    Back in the state tomorrow. Will be glad to see mine own home. Just an aside.:)

  2. Well, I have 3 tickets to an August 19th Round Rock Express game that I don’t want. You’re welcome to them, but I know it’s a ways off. Let me know!! 😀

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