weekend warriors of fluffy doom

This weekend was amazing. Of course, it wouldn’t be my life if there wasn’t some level of British drama involved.* Nothing bad, just plans shorted at the very last moment that turns out, didn’t need to be. OTOH, we had a fantastic birthday party for the zee Girlie. It was very small but well decorated (thanks Tam!) and the cake was a hideously pink Barbie-fairy confection.** The Girlie cleaned up in regards to bday prezzies. Her two big presents were the Nintendo DS and the Build-A-Bear (or rather, kitty) that she picked out and accoutremented. In pink Hello Kitty gear, of course.

Dodger came into town this weekend. Most of the weekend we had some sort of physical contact going on. It had been six weeks since we had seen each other. For myself, I craved touching him.
So we chatted and held hands. Read books on the couch and tangled our feet together. Snuggled every morning. Walked the mall, arms wrapped about each other. It was heaven.

Dropped him to the airport to return home on Monday afternoon. Spent the rest of the evening grieving and missing him. Back to ‘normal’*** today. Sad that he’s not here but making plans and living fully.

* – “What is it Sebastian?” “Oh,…” “I think you had best go.” “Yes, I’d better had.”
** – Do you want cake? We have plenty left over.
*** – As soon as we determine what is normal anyway.

Squeaky, uh, squeak, sqeaker, squeakin’

Last evening was a tub of fun. Loud with a lot of mostly unknown people’s very busy energy swirling around. I did have a great time, though. It was about 10 or so when I finally got home. A smarter person than me, knowing that I had to be at work early this morning might’ve gone to bed then. Did I? Oh, noooooooo… Of course not. I sat up and read for a bit, interjected some reason into the Kitty Smackdowns that were happening, checked email, chatted with Dodger, and eventually went to sleep close to 2 this morning.
Now I ask you: Was that wise? Was that smart? What would an intellectual do? What would…Plato do?

But I digress. Today I have to:

Finish work
Sweep / mop kitchen
Sweep / mop front bathroom
Vacuum living areas
Terrorize small fuzzy critters
Vacuum bedrooms
Terrorize the balance of the fuzzy critters currently aboding with me
Swab out bathroom sinks
and toilets
Sort mail
Go get the Girlie from daycare
Get cleaned up and dressed
Drop her off with fantabulous best friend for overnight stay
Go get D from airport

At 9 something tonight, I will be anxiously scanning faces at the airport. I will be looking for D’s face amongst the masses. He should be easy to spot – 6 foot tall, golden brown hipppies wearing NY Yankees ball caps just aren’t that common in Austin.
Eventually, our paths will cross. We will walk towards one another, eyes only for each other. I will be enfolded up against him, arms reaching round, my hands in the small of his back. Everything and everyone around us will cease to exist. I will raise up on my tiptoes to press my face against his neck to breath in the clean scent of him. The reality, the solidity of my lover pressed against me.


*World Wide Cat Wrestling Foundation

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the WWCWF!*

Toooooooooooooooonight, in the cage is Macha vs the Himasian twins! Two huge lumps of furred flesh with a hate that burns white hot!

But don’t forget! As an added incentive, we are throwing in Token, a scrappy dude from the South. Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumble!

Toniiiiiiiight, appearing for the first time, tag team wrestling between Macha, Token and The Himasian Twins!
(cut to The Himasian Twins, dressed in matching spandex outfits, taking turns speaking sentences)
Macha and Token can haz *no* idea how bad we gonna to hurt dem! We can haz WWCWF trofee nau! We taek any kitty on! We konker wurld! *shifts between different poses, shows claws, hisses, hams it up*

(cut to Macha and Token, draped in American flags)

Token: Bring it on.
Macha: Blat.


After careful review of my plans and my finances – both now & the potential future’s – I have decided that I need to break my current lease, find either a house or duplex with 3+ bedrooms and a roommate. Finding the house/duplex is the easy part. I have found several that will be more than fine. Finding a roommate that I trust, like and who is dependable is *not*. It’s not that there aren’t people in my life that I wouldn’t gladly live with — it’s that a good lot of them are happily ensconced already.

So this is my appeal, O Friend’s List. Do *you* know of somebody that I can chat with about becoming a roommate? They must :

be ok with children – the Girlie lives with me 1/2 the time.
understand that while I am not a party animal, people *do* come over to visit
be ok with kitties, I have one and suspect that I will have another 2 for a bit
be responsible, that is pay their bills fully & on time, every month
grok that I require more than a token of cleanliness
but that sometimes housekeeping is not my top priority
know that I am going to try to go back to school

Ideally, we could get a house in the 78758 area code (braker/metric) area, out near ACC Northridge.

If someone does pop into your brain, please let me know.

Monday…not enough oxygen

*yawn, stretch*

I have GOT to learn to turn off my alarm* after chatting with D until the wee morning hours. I am now the proud owner of 3 hours of sleep. Go, me!

Crunch time is over at work, the boss is on vacation, heck the boss’s boss is on vacation. Not sure what I am supposed to be doing this morning. I guess I will work on scripts…

*yawns again*

And now…for some random amusement.


This was the weekend of the “wait,…what? where?” plans**. No sooner than I make a plan than it changed, ofttimes while I was on the way there. OTOH, I did get to go dancing***, see Tam and chat with my honey. Which were my main priorities this weekend. Oh, I’m sure I should have cleaned or something equally virtuous. But, my couch was MUCH more appealing than say, scaring the cat with the vacuum cleaner. Although….come to think of it….that might be the plan tonight if the game actually does fall through.

* – i’m one of those folks who usually cannot go back to sleep after being awakened. there are exceptions but they are few and far between.
** – including, apparently tonight. just got email from one of the guys from game night stating that he is having tummy troubles and is likely not to make it. this was after last week’s admonition that we were, absolutely! going to game.
*** – Oh, and Void? Yeah. The mix was hrm…odd. Your sis said to say that you were fired. But only for a little, I am guessing.