*yawn, stretch*

Goddamn getting older, nuthin’ works like it used to! Why in my day, a girl could stretch in her bed and not have a lower back cramp. *grumble whine piss and moan*


Last night was game night. We are actually between actual gaming sessions; gearing up for a Marvel superheroes campaign. Shooooooouuuld be interesting.
I love Marvel — its always a ton of fun to be a superhero in this darker, more gritty universe. The Marvel macrocosm in general is grimmer than say, DC or Heroes Unlimited.
It’s a unique – and somewhat true – experience that people tend to fear what they don’t know or understand. Even if it’s helping them.
Some people hate gaming in that universe. They want everything to be sunshine and “Thank you, kind Mega-God for helping me. Let me heap sex and baklava on you!” I’m not saying that that isn’t fun. But it gets old for me, fairly quickly. It dosen’t feel real. In essence, I like my gaming emotional experience to as authentic within a fantasy setting as it can be.


2 thoughts on “G’mornin!

  1. Hrmm.. how does one go about being the Mega-God, I could use both of those things.

    And yes LDR’s are teh suck BIGTIME my sympathy’s are with you on that one.

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