morning precis

The script I wrote and fired off before I left Tuesday evening is still running this morning. My telecommunication systems are apparently failing left and right! Which means my bug count is going to be astronomical for the day. *glee*
I love it when a plan comes together.


I was *so* not ready to wake up this morning. The alarm radio went off and people started jabbering in my ear. I briefly thought about ignoring it and staying in bed. But the state of my bank account prompted me to get my lazy ass up and out of bed. Rent due, car payment due, bills due. Oh, and by the way, you now have medical bills. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. So, I rolled (literally, my matress is on the floor) off the bed and pushed myself up.

And now, I present to you the physical comedy that is my morning routine:

alarm triggers — (“….paint that car for nine-…”)
*presses Snooze* (blessed silence again)
MURFLE,snugglesnuggle under covers
secondary alarm (buzzer) goes off (AOOOGA! AOOOGA! AOOO-)
breathe reaches nose….ARGH!
cat skitters away (“blat!!”)
Stagger, stagger….Ah! Bathroom…gah! LIGHT!
Turns to run from light, ARGH! Doorframe! (thud!)
Bounce off doorframe, trip over cat (“BLAT!!”), am now sitting on the floor
stagger, stagger turn on shower to warm up
waitwaitwait step into shower
AUGH! hothothotadjusthotsadjust FUCK! coldcoldcold adjustadjust!
Ahhhh….clean clean scrub clean mmmm brushy teeth ahhh….

After the shower, I am more or less awake enough to deal with putting on the coffee and moving about the apartment without injuring myself or the cat.

5 thoughts on “morning precis

  1. That sounds amazingly like my morning routine.

    The cats have not figured out that it is not a good idea to get under the feet of the non-caffeinated humans.

    Thus, there is lots of “Aaagh, damn CAT” after tripping over or or both furry speed bumps.

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