All I need,…..

I need to break my current lease, way out west.
That’ll be about a thousand dollars.
I need a thousand dollars.
Or more.
Hell, while we’re wishing, a lot more.
I need a roommate that I like and can trust.
I need to find out what the fuck is going on my distant BF’s head.
I need to move closer to where the Girl will be going to school.
I need to reduce my spending.
I need to get my divorce finalized.
I need to get all the college brochures on the table and make comparisons.
I need to put together a FAFSA.
I need to figure out my health stuff.
And then, I need to do something about them.
I need to start my exercise regime back up.
Including the yoga.
I need to get out more.
I need nothing more than to take better control of my life.

6 thoughts on “All I need,…..

      1. Yeah, but the townhouse would have a pool, and you could invite GI joe over for hawt luvin’.

        Or perhaps GI nurse….but however you guys roleplay is up to you.

  1. Y’know, I don’t know if it will yield anything, but when we got that apt, the lady was going over the breaking-the-lease part, and she said they do try to work with mitigating circumstances, so perhaps your complex will work with you? Wouldn’t hurt to ask, I spose…

    *squeeze* You can DO it! 😀

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